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The best Game Browser setups – Overwatch


The best custom games to play using Overwatch's new Game Browser feature.

We are already officially head over heels in love with the new Game Browser mode that’s just been added to Overwatch. Being stalked by a lone, turbo-charged Reinhardt through the interior of Ljiang Tower’s Control Room is simultaneously the most exciting and the most terrifying thing you can do in the game right now as far as we’re concerned.

It feels noticeable by its absence at launch, but at some point in the future Blizzard is going to add an option to let you save and share custom Game Browser games. To help you get the most out of the new feature today though, we wanted to highlight a few of the most fun custom games we’ve seen in-game, and in the community at large.

We’ll update this list over time, but please do share your own creations in the comments section so we can try them out ourselves and maybe even add them to this list!

Game Browser Boss fights

The community is still working out the optimal settings for these sorts of encounters, but the idea is that you take one hero from the game, dial their stats up to eleven, and then have the other team of six try to take down the solo monster.

Elimination mode seems to work well for this sort of custom game, although it’s worth nothing that point capture provides much more focus. It’s tougher for the Boss though, as they don’t get to sneak around the place and pick off unwary victims.

It’s all about the fine-tuning with these games though. It’s no fun for the other team if the Boss has rapid health regeneration, for example, or can dish out insta-kills. You need to get that balance right, and we’ll be updating this guide with a few fun settings once the community’s ironed out the kinks.

If you want to get stuck into these fights right now, search for Boss in the Game Browser interface. We thoroughly recommended taking on either a Reinhardt, Mei or Genji boss in particular.

We will add custom settings to this section in a future update.

Game Browser Ultimate fights

The idea behind this sort of custom game is to let players charge up their Ultimates extremely quickly, so that the match is focused on surviving and thriving during these peak combat moments.

One of our favourites is centred on Hanzo and requires players to dodge a near endless array of Dragonstrikes. You want to dial up Hanzo’s damage dealt, damage received and Ultimate generate all the way up, and increase movement speed a little too. Turn off his other abilities if you like, so it’s a constant frenzy of dragons.

We will add custom settings to this section in a future update.

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