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The card suggestion system is basically broken right now – Hearthstone


If you're lacking new Legendaries you're all out of luck.

Been busy trying out some of the latest decks to hit Hearthstone with the release of Knights of the Frozen Throne? Perhaps you’ve found yourself just short of a handful of key new Legendary cards, and you’ve turned to the game’s replacement suggestions for advice.

If so, you might have noticed that things are looking a little bit broken right now. Consider the following examples of Hearthstone heartbreak:

1. Deathstalker Rexxar

Deathstalker Rexxar is appearing in basically every Hunter deck right now, but who needs that Battlecry board clear when you have that sweet Knife Juggler / Unleash the Hounds combo that doesn’t let you stitch the undead together into new late-game monstrous creations?

2. Frost Lich Jaina

Little tip for you: keep that Worgen Infiltrator stealthed in a mirror match-up. It’ll do more work for you later on!

3. Shadowreaper Anduin

Friendly Bartender: The Wild Growth of Shadowreaper Anduin, giving you more self-healing, earlier on in the match…

4. Thrall, Deathseer

The new Evolve meta won’t know what’s hit it when Mistress of Mixtures slows the match down by four points of mutual healing.

5. Valeera the Hollow

To be fair, Valeera the Hollow is a bit of a point of contention in Miracle Rogue now, but you could always just not worry about that and coin out Defias Ringleader instead!

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Joking aside, this is either an area of the interface that was overlooked ahead of launch, or it’s a worrying warning sign of things to come.

The meta’s shaping up to be a little slower this time around, and if there are no even vague alternatives for these cards, then new and casual players might find themselves shut out of matches that last more than half a dozen turns.

Legendary cards are meant to give an edge of course, or they simply wouldn’t be exciting to collect and play, but all of these new cards fundamentally affect the shape and duration of an entire match – a very different kind of power-creep for Hearthstone.

We’ve asked Blizzard for a comment on this story, and will update it if we hear back.

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