The developers discuss hero design and future direction of the game – Overwatch


The team's plans for the ongoing development of the game.

As part of the Overatch: Anniversary launch, PC Gamer had the opportunity to sit down with game director Jeff Kaplan and principal director Geoff Goodman and discuss the future of the game.

It’s a far-reaching interview that covers a broad number of topics, from new hero ideas, to potential future PVE content, and their plans to improve the eSports scene.

If you’re just looking for a brief summary of all the information, we’ve highlighted the main highlights from the interview for you below. For the full interview, head over to PC Gamer.

  • They’d love to pay homage to some of their other Blizzard universes in Overwatch.
  • When it comes to releasing new heroes, they value quality over quantity.
  • There is no specific, final number of heroes in mind for Overwatch.
  • They believe the metagame is in a good place right now, although they admit there’s always room for improvement.
  • When balancing heroes they have to make them viable for everyone of all skill levels.
  • The goal with every hero is to give them a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling. Sometimes this doesn’t work out, but it’s a necessary sacrifice.
  • No major reworks to heroes are planned at the moment.
  • Orisa’s tweaks in the latest patch should see her fulfilling her tank role more successfully.
  • They are working on improving the spectator experience for Overwatch eSports.
  • Fan reaction to PvE content has been overwhelmingly positive, and they would like to keep making it as long as people love it.
  • Blizzard believe they’ve barely scratched the surface of hero ideas.
  • They’ve experimented with heroes which had the ability to pierce walls with their guns!

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