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Tomogunchi – How to unlock and use CoD: Modern Warfare’s Tamagotchi


Because sure, why not have a Tamagotchi-like virtual pet in your favourite FPS.

A Tamagotchi-like watch item is available for your operator to don – the Tomogunchi. Here’s how to get it.

We all remember Tamagotchi. An absolute classic of the playground, letting us raise a virtual pet from the egg to the grave. Well, Modern Warfare has given you a way to bring the magic of childhood into the bloodbath that is Call of Duty.

How do I unlock Tomogunchi in Modern Warfare?

To unlock Tomogunchi, head on over to the Store tab in Multiplayer mode or the Main Menu. Here, you’ll be able to find all the available purchases in Modern Warfare, and Tomogunchi will be one of them.

It’s not obtainable through simple gameplay – you’ll need some COD Points to unlock Tomogunchi: 1000 to be precise. This amounts to just under £8.49, which nets you 1100 COD Points and is the lowest amount you can purchase in one go. If you have the Battle Pass, you’ll have a few COD Points already thanks to the unlocks, but if not you’ll need to shell out your real cash.

What do you get for this money? Well, you get the obvious – the Tomogunchi Watch item, which you can equip by going to ‘Watch Select’ under the Weapons menu. You’ll also get a few little bonus cosmetics though. The Key Rex weapon charm is our favourite, but you also unlock the Combatourous Rex Calling Card, Cracked Colossus Emblem, Engulfed Sticker, and Death Dino Spray are also available to you upon purchase.

How do I hatch and evolve my Tomogunchi?

There’s a bit more information on Activision’s site, but we’ll be updating our guide with how to keep your Tomogunchi alive once we know more. For now, we wish you the best with your new baby. Just don’t forget to interact with it! Hold down the up button on your D-pad or keyboard to check your watch.

What we do know is that your virtual pet is sustained by bloodlust. Getting kills, killstreaks, wins and the like will make your adorable little buddy happy, but each individual pet has their own favourite thing to boost it’s ‘Bonus Charge’. The Bonus Charge is the bar underneath your pet that’ll fill up as you play. You can see it in the image below.

If you use the ‘Watch Interact’ emote, you can bank Bonus Charges for later. We’ve got more on that on our general Modern Warfare Watches guide.

Remember, if you start losing, or failing to look after your Tomogunchi, it’ll die, which will remind you of the awful times when your old Tamagotchi died on you. No one wants that.

What are the Tomogunchi faces?

The four faces you’ll see to the right of your Tomogunchi pet are its four states – Hungry, Dirty, Unruly, and Sleepy. If none of these faces are lit up, you’re treating your child well. Just keep it up and you’ll be golden.

As far as we’re aware, the states of your Tomogunchi can be helped by taking various actions. Here’s how we reckon you should keep your pal alive:

  • Hungry – Kill enemies
  • Dirty – Score points on objectives
  • Unruly – Obtain killstreaks
  • Sleepy – Win matches

Keep on failing to acheive this and your Tomogunchi will deteriorate in mood and health, so you’d better win. Not just for you, but for this virtual pet you’ve probably grown attached to and given a name. You can check your Tomogunchi’s current status in the ‘Watch Select’ menu within the barracks.

That’s all for our Tomogunchi unlock guide – we’ve got more Modern Warfare guides to come though! Check out our Best Guns page for help on loadouts, or everything we know about Warzone, Modern Warfare’s upcoming Battle Royale mode.

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