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Totem Shaman (Standard) deck list and guide – September 2016 – Hearthstone


How to climb the ranks with Totem Shaman in Season 30.

Our Totem Shaman deck list guide outlines the best deck for Scholomance Academy. This Totem Shaman guide also contains Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Totem Shaman had a bit of a showing during Kobolds and Catacombs, but fell out of the meta quite heavily. Now though, it’s back and better than ever, sitting pretty as a decent tier 2 deck. We’ve got an updated deck list for you in this guide, as well as tips and tricks for getting the best out of Totem Shaman in the current meta.

Your games won’t last long playing Totem Shaman – this version is an aggressive one, with you buffing up your totems and hitting the enemy face with big wooden sticks. It’s a pretty satisfying one when everything goes to plan.

Totem Shaman deck list and strategy

Here’s a Totem Shaman deck list for the early Scholomance Academy meta. We’ll be sure to keep you updated for any changes to this deck as and when they occur.

Shaman Neutral
2 x Lightning Bloom 2 x Tour Guide
2 x Totemic Might 2 x Trick Totem
2 x Totemic Surge
2 x Storm’s Wrath
2 x Surging Tempest
2 x EVIL Totem
2 x Serpentshrine Portal
2 x Totemic Reflection
2 x Mana Tide Totem
2 x Splitting Axe
2 x Bloodlust
2 x Totem Goliath
2 x Runic Carvings

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAECAaoIAA+BBL4GkwmdowPapQP5pQO1rQO2rQPbuAOWuQObzQOW0QOm0QO30gPw1AMA

The fundamental win condition you’re looking for with this deck is all about aggression. Get totems on board, hit face, deal damage, kill foe. Your most expensive card is 4 mana after all, so you don’t want to be hanging around too long.

Basically, build a board of Totems and other minions like Diligent Notetakers, Lady Vashj, and Lackeys, buff them up with things like Flametongue Totem and Storm’s Wrath, duplicate your buffed up Totems with Splitting Axe and Totemic Reflection, and go face.

That’s all there really is to it – of course it’s worth trading you’re in danger of ultra-aggression or getting a Taunt out of the way, but you should be trying to save most of your damage for face a lot of the time. Totem Goliath and Runic Carvings both make this deck far better in the late game, so make sure you give it a shot with these new Epics. Vectus is another option for longevity, as he’ll duplicate either Totem Goliath or Lady Vashj‘s Deathrattles.

More Shaman guides:

Totem Shaman Mulligan guide

Here’s what you should be holding on to for your mulligan stage at the beginning of a game:

  • Totemic Reflection: One of your more expensive cards, but your win rate will skyrocket if you can get this in play and use it well.
  • Lighning Bloom can give you huge tempo early on if you cast it with a 3 mana card.
  • Surging Tempest: Often acts as a 1 mana 2/3 since you’ve got a lot of Overloading cards. Keep hold of it and use your Surging Tempest for good damage and powerful trades.

Totem Shaman tips, combos and synergies

Keep an eye out for the following card combos and synergies you should be looking out for:

Diligent Notetaker‘s Spellburst ability gives you the spell you cast back in your hand, so use it when you need that extra bit of value. Getting an extra Totemic Reflection could be the boost you need to win a game.

Totemic Reflection summons a copy of the Totem you buffed, and the copy keeps all buffs previously gained by the original, including the likes of Totemic Surge and Blazing Battlemage given to them previously in the game.

– Careful how you position your Flametongue Totem as you may need to cycle through a number of minor minions in order to clear down a threat.

Runic Carvings can be played to simply give you four 2/2 minions for 6 mana, but if you’re struggling for board control you can summon them with Rush for the cost of 2 mana next turn.

– Count your board space when playing Splitting Axe. If you don’t have enough space for all your Totems to be duplicated, the ones you summoned first will be prioritised.

– Don’t be afraid of hitting your Hero Power button with this deck – it’s got a lot of synergy with spells and minions within your deck.

Surging Tempest keeps its +1 attack buff for two turns – both when you play the Overload card and when your mana is actually limited.

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