Undertaker nerf announced for upcoming patch – Hearthstone


Blizzard takes to the forums to announce rebalancing plans.

Undertaker, long considered by many to be an overpowered addition to the game, is to be nerfed in an upcoming patch. When that patch arrives, Undertaker will still receive a boost of +1 Attack for each Deathrattle minion summoned, but it will no longer receive a boost to its health as well.

Blizzard community manager Zeriyah explained the move in a post on the game’s official forums:

Undertaker was frustrating to play against,” they began. “It often gained both Attack and Health stats significantly above those of other inexpensive minions very early in the game. With this change, we expect Undertaker will still be better than other 1-Mana minions when played in a deck with a Deathrattle theme, but more likely to die in combat against other minions.”

Those who’ve created the golden version of the card can rest assured that they’ll be able to disenchant it for the full dust value, should they choose to do so after the patch goes live.

Blizzard has yet to confirm when exactly the Undertaker nerf patch will be released. We’ll update this article when we have more details.

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