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Upcoming Hearthstone changes to bring back Ragnaros and N’Zoth, as well as new Hero portraits


'DIE INSECT' – Ragnaros the Firelord to our standard format deck list guides.

Hearthstone’s developers have announced some exciting changes for the future of the game. From Wild format cards rotating back to Standard to brand new cosmetic rewards, some big changes are coming up.

All sorts of new stuff

Here’s the lowdown on all the new changes coming to Hearthstone. More information is coming soon too, so stay tuned here!

Wild cards in Standard?

In possibly the most eye-catching of the notes from the developers is the complete and utter reshaping of the meta by throwing old favourites from Wild format into Standard. Ragnaros the Firelord and N’Zoth, the Corruptor have been announced so far, but the full list of 23 cards will be announced on October 4th. Players won’t be out of pocket for this either, as all 23 cards are to be added to every player’s collection temporarily, as ‘event’ cards. They’ll be usable throughout the temporary period of time the event is going on, before being removed afterwards. This is a huge change, similar in scope to the devs buffing cards for the first time ever in the Rise of the Mech. We’ll keep you updated on how the meta shifts during this event of course!

A spooky Autumn event

The Fire Fest-E.V.I.L. event over summer saw themed Tavern Brawls as Dr. Boom crashed the city of Dalaran into Blackrock Mountain. Extra bonuses were available and special events put on both during Fireside Gatherings and in normal solo play. In the run-up to Halloween, the devs are planning something similar, with Dungeon Run-style Tavern Brawls and Legendary quest rewards on offer. More information will be here on October 4th, so keep an eye out here for that!

1000 win Hero portraits

Currently, players gain golden Hero portraits for obtaining 500 wins in a certain class. Now, another level is available, with brand new portraits for each class coming up for those of us with 1000 wins in a given class. A couple of previews were released, with the theme of these 1000-win portraits seemingly being ‘much more angry than usual’. To be fair, they’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone.

Quality of life changes

Small tweaks are being made to Hearthstone’s general interface. For example, minions with silly spellings like SN1P-SN4P can now be found by typing the word ‘snip’, rather than requiring the numbers and such. Difficult and common misspellings can now be spotted by your collection’s search function too, meaning you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for more easily. Quests are being changed some time down the line too, making it easier to reroll them to get less challenging ones, if you fancy getting an easy, 50g Quest every day.

That’s all for the changes announced last night, but we’ll of course keep you updated on anything else that happens, especially when October 4th rolls around. In the meantime, how about you check out our tier list for Standard (before Ragnaros the Firelord ruins it!) or go to our Tombs of Terror guide, for help with Hearthstone’s latest single player content?

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