Vanish and Mind Blast heading to Hearthstone’s Hall of Fame


While ten new cards are on their way to the Classic card set.

Blizzard has announced that Vanish and Mind Blast will be consigned to Hearthstone’s Hall of Fame with the release of the game’s next major update. At that point they will only be available for use in the game’s anything-goes Wild format.

The news was revealed in a blog post that gave some insight into how the team develops cards based around class identity.

In the case of Vanish, it was felt that such a dramatic board clear played counter to the Rogue’s intended weakness, while Mind Blast provided Priests with far more burst damage than strictly suited the identity of the hero.

In their place will come Plaguebringer for Rogue, and Radiance for Priest. Both of these are considered more suitable for their respective classes.

Additionally, the developers will be releasing a total of eight other cards to the Classic set – some class-specific, others Neutral. Here’s the complete list:

  • Siegebreaker – Warlock
  • Gift of the Wild – Druid
  • Righteousness – Paladin
  • Brightwing – Neutral
  • High Inquisitor Whitemane – Neutral
  • Barrens Stablehand – Neutral
  • SI:7 Infiltrator – Neutral
  • Arcane Devourer – Neutral

Head over to the announcement for the full details behind these developments.

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