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Video Highlight – Disguised Toast hits Legend with a F2P Deck – Hearthstone


There's hope for us all, after all.

Heathstone streamer Disguised Toast has just released a new YouTube video which neatly summarises his experience of reaching Legend using a free to play deck.

Unlike other streamers who have attempted and achieved the same feat, he decided to make the experience as close to that of the average player firing up a new account.

Accordingly, the rules were pretty simple:

  • He could not disenchant good cards he opened, just to build one optimised deck.
  • Only cards that genuinely see no play in competitive could be disenchanted.
  • He undertook no Arena runs to boost his starting card collection.

Midrange Hunter proved to be the winning deck archetype, built as it is almost entirely around Common cards. The major exception here is Savannah Highmane.

With a win-rate of 79%, Toast only needed a total of 42 games to climb all the way from Rank 25 to Rank 10.

Why stop there though? With the win-streak system still in his favour, he completed another 42 games to reach Rank 5.

Finally, after another 105 games – and a total of 11 hours – he hit Legend rank, proving that it can still be achieved with even the most restrictive starting conditions. Obviously there’s no getting away from the benefit of experience with the game, but it’s an impressive feat nevertheless.

Here’s the full video:

It’s well worth watching the whole thing, as there are not only some good tips for playing the deck in there, but there are also some quite funny moments in there involving (almost) missed lethal damage!

Ever tried a free to play climb to Legend yourself? Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments!

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