Warzone Contraband Contracts – free Blueprints and cash


Do it before they get contra-banned.

Season 4 added Contraband contracts to Warzone – here’s how to complete them and get your free blueprints.

Along with Captain Price and all the new guns, Warzone has gone and added a new kind of contract to the game mode. With it, you can earn special permanent unlocks as rewards. We’ve put together a quick guide on how the Contraband contract works.

Warzone Contraband Contracts – free Blueprints and cash

We all know how contracts work in Warzone. You pick them up, do the thing, and get a bit of gear and cash as a reward. Once you do one of them though, you might end up with an extra special contract as a reward – the Contraband contract. If you do, just follow these steps to get some free Weapon Blueprints.

  • Step 1: Pick up the Contraband contract from the ground. It’ll look like a little blue box and you pick it up like you would any other contract. They only appear occasionally though, so don’t expect constant Contraband.
  • Step 2: Go to the marked drop point. On your map, a blue icon will appear at a random point. Head over there.
  • Step 3: Call in a chopper. Just like in Plunder mode, you can call in a helicopter, wait around, and don’t get shot.
  • Step 4: Drop off the Contraband. It’ll take a few seconds, but the chopper will lower a duffel bag in the zone you called it in. Just drop off the Contraband in the bag and you’ve completed your mission.

As a reward for this mission, you’ll earn a $7200 for that game of Warzone for each member of your squad, meaning you’ll all be able to gear up. You’ll also permanently unlock a Weapon Blueprint – we got the Lazy Lagoon AX-50 model.

Keep looking around for these goodies – even just the cash prize is massively valuable for the specific match you’re playing – pool your squad’s money together for a Loadout drop and a couple UAVs. Check out our guide for what’s available at Warzone Buy Stations first too, to make sure you’ve got your shopping list in order.

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