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Warzone Red Access Card Bunker locations – how to unlock all bunkers


Bunker? I hardly knew her!

With a Red Access Card, you can enter previously closed bunkers throughout the Warzone map. Here’s all the Bunker locations, as well as how to get into Bunker 11.

Warzone Red Access Card Bunker locations – how to unlock all bunkers

First, you’ll need to get a Red Access Card. After this, you have access to a whole load of loot-filled bunkers around the map.

Where do I get a Red Access Card?

Loot orange-coloured chests and hope for the best. Red Access Cards are a rare drop even from these boxes, so don’t expect it immediately. You’ll have to get pretty lucky.

We’ve most often found them after killing a particularly decked-out enemy to be honest – it’s basically impossible to guarantee you’ll find one in time to actually loot it.

Once you have a Red Access Card though, it’s time to go out searching for bunkers!

You might’ve stumbled across these bunkers in your travels around the map in Warzone. Some of them are extremely well-hidden, and others are in plain sight. Below is a map of the bunker locations thanks to reddit user Lampy101 from the r/ModernWarzone subreddit.

The numbers next to the blue dots indicate which number bunker you’ll find there. For your convenience we’ve listed the locations below too.

  • Bunker 0: This one is all the way at the south of the map, below Zozsni Spomenik. Cross the road and find the bunker on a cliff face which requires you to almost go out of bounds.
  • Bunker 1: You’ll find this bunker just to the north of the kart racing track at Promenade West.
  • Bunker 2: The second can be found inside a concrete structure further north of here.
  • Bunker 3: The third bunker is in the same place as the second, but requires you to drop underground through a trap door.
  • Bunker 4: This one can be found far to the north western side of the map, on a cliff face outside the dam.
  • Bunker 5: On the western side of the Crash Site, Bunker 5 isn’t too hard to spot.
  • Bunker 6: Number 6 is all the way on the east side of the map, situated south-east of Quarry.
  • Bunker 7: South-west of Karst Bridge, you’ll need to use another trap door to get here.
  • Bunker 8: If you’ve found 7, you should be right next to 8.
  • Bunker 9: In the far south-west of the map is the prison. Bunker 9 is cut into the cliff face just outside, and is the one of the easiest to find.
  • Bunker 10: South of Park and Downtown, Bunker 9 is at the very south of the map.
  • Bunker 11: Bunker 11 is a special one – it’s found in the secluded area north-west of Military Base, but you’ll want to read on for info on how to get in. A simple Red Access Card won’t suffice.

How do you open Bunker 11?

Bunker 11 isn’t as easy to get into as the rest. You’ll need to solve a special puzzle to gain access. Why get into Bunker 11? Well, you’ll gain a unique MP7 weapon blueprint to show off your efforts!

Thanks to reddit user Malteneer, dedicated players can get into Bunker 11 if they’re really feeling it.

For your convenience, we’ve written succinct list of tips you should follow to gain access to Bunker 11.

Step 1: Check the map below for phone locations. The numbers correspond with the Russian language numbers you’ll hear on the phone, so have the map handy for when you’re listening.

Step 2: Drop in a starting location. According to Malteneer, there are a set few locations you should aim for to begin your journey. These are:

  • Dam
  • TV Station (two phones)
  • Main building at Port
  • Downtown skyscraper
  • Building to the south of Boneyard
  • Between Airport and Superstore – car dealership building
  • Buildings between Promenade East and Hills

Step 3: Find and answer the phone. Pick up the phone and you’ll either hear a disconnect-like tone or a Russian conversation.

Step 4: Listen very carefully to the conversation. If you get the disconnect tone, find another phone and try again. If you hear Russian, carefully listen for three numbers in Russian, translatable with the map above.

Step 5: Go to the phones in order of the numbers you heard. Follow the translation and map locations closely. Once you’ve answered the third phone, a Russian message should play, confirming you’ve got the right answer.

Step 6: Head to Bunker 11 and it should open for you. If it doesn’t open, you’ve missed something and are probably out of time this game, but give it a go next time around.

If you can find a vehicle you’ll have a much better time of it, otherwise you’ll be jogging around for absolutely ages looking for phones, maybe getting sniped on the way.

That’s all for our bunkers guide! Let us know if you’ve found any cool easter eggs surrounding this too – we’re sure there’s more to uncover.

In the meantime, why not check out some more of our Warzone guides to keep you alive longer! We’ve got our best Warzone loadouts, as well as answering the question – what does FMJ actually do?

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