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Warzone – What does the Spotter Scope do?


Tango Spotted.

Warzone has a new piece of tactical equipment – the Spotter Scope. Here’s how it works and where to find it!

Warzone – What does the Spotter Scope do?

The Spotter Scope was added midway through Season 4 of Warzone as a piece of tactical equipment. It’s basically a pair of binoculars. Here’s our guide on where to get it and what it does.

Where do you get the Spotter Scope in Warzone?

The Spotter Scope can be found in a number of places.

You can get them in chests, on the ground, or as contract rewards.

If you find one, and other members of your squad are rocking Heartbeat Sensors, it might be worth testing out.

How to use the Spotter Scope

The Spotter Scope works very similarly to the Recon Drone Field Upgrade. If you haven’t used this before, the Recon Drone can fly around and tag enemies for your teammates to track.

The Spotter Scope is like a stationary, slightly longer ranged version of this. When looking through the scope, you can hold your view on an enemy and the Spotter Scope will tag them for your whole team to see. According to MrTheRevertz, the tracking lasts for 5 seconds from the moment you stop looking at the enemy with your scope.

By pressing the right stick, you can activate thermal vision to make target acquisition easier, and with the left stick you can switch between 1x and 8x zoom.

You don’t need to press anything to tag enemies – just hover over them for a bit and they’ll be tracked.

It takes between 1 and 3 seconds to tag an enemy depending on their current distance, with a longer time required for further foes.

Like the Recon Drone, you cannot tag enemies who have the Ghost perk.

That’s all you need to know about the Spotter Scope in Warzone! Give it a try and see if you think it’s for you. Also, why not have a look at some of our other guide pages, such as advice on landing faster in Warzone, as well as unlocking the Rytec AMR, a high powered explosive sniper.

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