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Watchpoint Gibraltar map guide – Overwatch


How to win more games on Watchpoint: Gibraltar as the attacking or defending team.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar quickly became one of the most iconic maps in Overwatch, thanks to its many varied sections, each one of which demands a very different response from both the attacking and defending teams. Taking a very flexible approach to team composition as every match plays out is frequently the deciding factor in who wins here. If what you’re doing is broken, you better fix it fast…

If you’re familiar with the cinematic short that introduced Winston to the world, then you’ll be rather familiar with the story behind this base already. A fortress located at the Rock of Gibraltar, this is the placed where Winston hoped to reform Overwatch and reactivate the organisation’s communications network. Gameplay-wise, that means guiding a drone (the Payload) towards the rocket where it can be launched.

In terms of timings, this particular map begins with a five minute timer being added to the clock. For each of the three checkpoints the Payload reaches during the match, two minutes of extra game time is added to the clock. This means that the longest period of time any given match can last for is eleven minutes – not including any Overtime periods, of course.

In the next of our Overwatch map guides, we’ve pulled together some of the tried and tested tips that the community’s discovered over the last six months or so of closed and open beta. We’ve separated these tips into separate sections for attacking and defending teams, and it goes without saying that you should be equally well-versed on what’s required from both sides of the fight!As with all maps in Overwatch, to know one side’s strengths is to also understand their weaknesses…

BREAKING! – From start and end dates to Skill Rating changes, our Overwatch: Season 3 guide contains everything you need to know about the next period of competitive play!

Attacker tips for Watchpoint: Gibraltar

  • Spread out when the match begins and make a fast push to eliminate the enemy’s teams defenses. Expect snipers on high ledgers, and a Bastion or a Torbjorn turret on one of the ledges by the start of the downward ramp slope, or on the bridge just ahead of the Payload’s starting position.
  • Getting off to a fast start is absolutely crucial as the attacking team, as the initial pair of checkpoints are quite close to one another. If you can get a fair wind behind you, and coordinate your team tightly in the first phase of the fight, you’ll be able to bag some easy extra minutes for the deadline. The final leg of this map can be a bit of a pain, so the more time you have to get the final push right, the more likely you are to win overall.
  • Don’t be afraid to take a little time to regroup before pushing for the third checkpoint, as it’ll likely be heavily defended. You need to clear the path ahead as a team before pushing the Payload through to its next position. Many a match falls apart here as people die, respawn, run back in without support – rinse and repeat.
  • Have your flankers spread out and push ahead to deal with the defenses that are likely waiting at the top of the ramp, just in front of the second checkpoint. It’s very hard to get through this section of the map if its well defended with Junkrat bombs and Bastion/Torbjorn turrets. Both sides should expect a frenzy at this part of the map.
  • Flankers in general are godlike on Watchpoint Gibraltar, as there are loads of opportunities to break off, head down a shortcut, and pick off defenses before the payload and your pals can start getting close to the next checkpoint on the list. Characters like Tracer and Reaper are fantastic for this sort of role, and can easily make the difference between a victory and a loss.
  • You can’t do much better than Reinhardt when it comes to choosing a Tank Hero for the attacking team on this map. Not only is he great at escorting the team through some of the most bothersome chokepoints on Watchpoint Gibraltar, he’s also a great Hero to plonk on top of the Payload. His friends can ride behind him all the way to the next checkpoint, or Torbjorn can throw a turret on the vehicle!

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Defender tips for Watchpoint: Gibraltar

  • You can, of course, take all of the general advice above and flip it on its head for the team who are looking to defend here. In particular, the longer you can stall the attacking team from making progress to the first checkpoint, the harder you’ll make it for them overall in the final half of the match – itself a tougher proposition.
  • If you’re playing Symmetra on this map, start by placing your turrets around the exit points of the attackers’ base, then – once progress has moved on a little – try covering those side areas that surround the ramp section. The more people you can force down through that tunnel, the more fun your defensive characters at the top of that slope will have with their victims!
  • Understand that the majority of players now fully expect to see a Torjborn turrent and/or a Widowmaker on one of the ledges that directly face the base. Try to mix it up a bit, and never try to hold onto ground once shots start zinging past you. They’re onto you, and you need a new position if you’ve started taking flak.
  • More than just about any other map we can think of, Watchpoint Gibraltar demands a flexible response in terms of the Heroes your team chooses to switch between. At the start of a match, Widowmaker can be a game-changer when it comes to picking off targets. At the tunnel? Less so. Switch in and out to suit the action at hand – this is a game of four distinct sections and they each demand a different response.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar team builds

Here are the Heroes most favoured by the professionals when it comes to playing on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. We’ve got multiple options for different roles here, so that you have some wriggle room for picking a personal favourite.

When playing with randoms, we favour a two Tank, two Support, two Offense / Defense setup. Heroes marked as Primary are your first-choice options that will have the biggest impact on the game, while Secondary choices should be based on skill level with the heroes in question. With the final two slots you can be pretty flexible really, and just play to your personal character strengths.

For more help creating the perfect team for this sort of map, have a look at our guide to all of the best Escort map team comps and builds. We’ll be reviewing and updating the guide constantly!


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Watchpoint: Gibraltar Health Pack / Medikit locations

Coming soon!

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