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What is a Supply Run Contract in Warzone?


Here's what it's all about.

How does the new Supply Run Contract work in Warzone? This guide explains how to complete it and what you’ll get as a reward.

Released as part of the Warzone Season 4: Reloaded update, the Supply Run Contract is a brand new way of getting ahead of the competition.

Below we’ll explain what the Contract looks like, what you’ll have to do, and what rewards you’ll earn upon completion.

What is the Supply Run Contract in Warzone?

Here’s the lowdown.

What does it look like on the map?

It’s marked by a stopwatch symbol on the map.

What do you have to do?

You have to “race to the Buy Station”. As soon as you pick it up a Buy Station will be highlighted on your map and you’ll have between 2-4 minutes to get to it. Do so in time and the Buy Station will become ‘golden’. This means you and your teammates will get a one time major discount on an item of your choice.

In our experience, Self Revive Kits and Redeploys are often free. Everything else becomes very cheap!

The video above is a great no-nonsense clip by DJWarnerTV of what it all entails.

Is it worth doing?

We’d say it’s a pretty good Contract to get powered up early. Since every player in your squad gets one discounted purchase, it’s fantastic for bringing a teammate back, getting killstreaks, or refilling your armour and ammo on the cheap.

It’s biggest drawback is the distance you have to travel and the risk of pulling up to a Buy Station. First off, if you don’t have access to a vehicle, get ready for a long run. What’s more, Buy Stations are positioned in open spots, so you’ll be wandering into unfamiliar, risky territory to tick this Contract off – be very careful, even if you’re fighting against the clock take a second to check the area.

A new sniper was introduced with this update, and if you happen to be interested, our Rytec AMR guide has everything you could possibly ask for!

Oh, and a new Spotter Scope can be found in Warzone. What does it do? Well, our Spotter Scope page has you covered.

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