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Our essential guide to taking Face Hunter for a walk on the Wild side.

The Wild version of Face Hunter is a deck that plays in almost identical fashion to its Standard counterpart, albeit with the bonus of a few powerful cards from Hearthstone’s long and illustrous history. Back in the deck now, for example, is Mad Scientist with its Secret-drawing powers, and Glaivezooka. Although it’s not a tricky deck to play by any means, there is mastery to be had in improving your efficiency and winning more games to ensure a quick climb up the ladder.

In our latest Wild Face Hunter deck guide, we’ve got everything you need to know about playing this deck to a high degree of success. First of all we’ve got an overview of what we believe to be the most powerful deck list you can field right now, followed up by some essential strategy advice. After that we’ve got Mulligan tips for you, and a closer look at all of the combos that drive this deck.

As with all of our Hearthstone deck guides, we’ll be evaluating the performance of this deck list on an ongoing basis, and will make any changes we think are necessary. Don’t forget to let us know what experiments you’ve found success with in the comments!

(For the Standard version of this deck, make sure you take a look at our Face Hunter (Standard) deck list and guide)

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Wild Face Hunter deck list and strategy – Gadgetzan

Here’s the best Wild Face Hunter deck list that we think you should be playing in the current metagame. Let us know of any improved versions you take out for a trial.

Hunter Set Neutral Set
2 x Cat Trick KAR 1 x Patches the Pirate MSG
2 x Explosive Trap 2 x Secretkeeper
1 x Freezing Trap 2 x Small-time Buccaneer MSG
2 x Glaivezooka GVG 1 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Quick Shot BRM 2 x Mad Scientist NAX
1 x Snake Trap 1 x Leeroy Jenkins
1 x Snipe
2 x Animal Companion
2 x Cloaked Huntress KAR
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
2 x Unleash the Hounds

As with any Face Hunter deck, your objective here is to get on the board quickly and close the match down as fast as you can. Let your opponent do the trading at all times, unless it’s clear that you’ll gain more damage over time by sacrificing a feeble minion to keep a much better one chugging away. In an ideal world you’ll use a weapon and take the pain yourself.

Once you hit the mid-game, start using your Hero Power every turn that you possibly can. Not only does this ensure you keep steady pressure rolling against your opponent, it also helps you hold onto more of your cards, which will in turn help keep you moving forwards in the event of a board-wipe.

Ideally you should keep your charging minions and damage-dealing spells to get over the final hurdle, but don’t hang onto them needlessly. If you’ve got bucketloads of Mana to spare, just drop the spell and get the damage in while the oppportunity’s available to you.

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Wild Face Hunter Mulligan guide – Gadgetzan

In every match-up you want to try and Mulligan for all of the one-Mana minions featured in the deck list above. You need to get on the board very quickly with this deck, and these will help you get the damage engine started.

Mad Scientist is a strong keep against aggressive decks, so that you can either match them on the board with Snake Trap, or blast them to smithereens with Explosive Trap – good times all round!

A special note has to be made for Cloaked Huntress, of course. Always hang onto this character if you get here, as you’ve a high chance of drawing into a Secret by the time you can actually play her onto the board.

Wild Face Hunter tips, combos and synergies – Gadgetzan

Even for a rather simple deck like Face Hunter, there are important card combos to keep in mind. The deck might be easy to play, but the challenge comes from increasing your winrate as much as possible, so that you get the most benefit from what should be extremely rapid matches.

Here, then, are the combos and card synergies you should be aware of when playing this particular version of Wild Face Hunter:

– All cards classed as Beasts increase the damage of Kill Command. Note too that even the humble creatures spawned by Snake Trap and Unleash the Hounds are good for beefing this spell up.

– Try to avoid playing Secrets proactively, and instead let Mad Scientist put them into play via the Deathrattle effect. It can’t be helped sometimes, but you should try to gain value in this way if you can possibly help it.

– When either of your Secrets are triggered, a point of Durability is added to Eaglehorn Bow – as long as you’re wielding the weapon at the time, that is. Try to avoid spending the last charge of your weapon if you can bait your opponent into triggering the Secret.

Secretkeeper grows in strength every time you play a Secret. There is rolling combo potential between this card and Cloaked Huntress, of course.

– You must have a minion out on the board for Glaivezooka‘s bonus effect to be triggered. That should rarely be a problem in this deck full of very cheap minions though!

– If you’ve a weapon in your hand, Southsea Deckhand will be able to attack immediately when you play him onto the board.

– Any of the Pirate class cards in this deck will pull Patches the Pirate onto the board, assuming he’s still sitting in your remaining deck pile.

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