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Wild Giants Druid deck list guide – Frozen Throne – Hearthstone


Our starter guide for playing Giants Druid on the Wild ladder.

Our Wild Giants Druid deck guide features the best deck list for Season 43, with Mulligan advice, strategy tips, card combos and synergies.

Wild Giants Druid is a Hearthstone deck that’s come right to the fore of the Wild competitive scene, thanks to some recent fixes which have made the deck viable. Once Naga Sea Witch has been played onto the board, any giants in your hand will not only have their base cost reduced to five, they’re then further reduced by their own special resourcing conditions.

The end result is an absolutely massive board of minions that are often capable of wiping out your opponent in one turn. Although you’re very vulnerable to board clears, your ability to “ramp up” your Mana reserves using your unique Druid cards means you can often end the match before your opponent gains enough resources to actually contain the threat.

In our Wild Giants Druid guide we’ve spotlighted one of the most popular deck lists for this emerging archetype, and outlined the very basics of Mulliganing the deck. We’ve also got a teardown of the most important combos contained within it, so you can wrap your head around how it actually works.

Let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see added to the guide, and make sure you let us know how you’re getting on with it in the comments as well.

Wild Giants Druid deck list and strategy

Here’s chaitealatte’s Giants Druid deck list, which is a pretty typical version of the archetype. Other versions exist, so do experiment with the alternatives that are out there.

Druid Neutral
2 x Wild Growth 2 x Doomsayer
2 x Wrath 1 x Loatheb
2 x Jade Blossom 2 x Naga Sea Witch
1 x Mulch 2 x Sea Giant
1 x Mire Keeper 2 x Arcane Giant
2 x Swipe 2 x Molten Giant
2 x Nourish
2 x Spreading Plague
1 x Malfurion the Pestilent
1 x Aviana
1 x Kun the Forgotten King
2 x Ultimate Infestation

Select and copy the long ID string below, then create a deck in Hearthstone to export this deck into your game.

Deck Import ID: AAEBAZICBukVvq4C+g6Z0wLsFeC7AgyKAeQIxAbLvAJA3hZfoM0C0wGHzgKCtALcCgA=

Refer to the tips and combos section further down the page for an overview of how this deck works. These should give you an excellent grounding in how the deck actually plays.

Wild Giants Druid Mulligan guide

In every match-up, look for cards including Wild Growth, Jade Blossom, Mire Keeper and Naga Sea Witch.

Wild Growth – The earlier you can play this card the more advantage you gain over the course of the entire match. Insanely good value, and a must-play on Turn 2 if you have it.

Jade Blossom – Serves a similar purpose to the previous card, but also provides a small Jade Golem on the board.

Mire Keeper – Another card that helps you ramp up your Mana reserves and so make bigger plays earlier on in the match.

Naga Sea Witch – Ignore the Mana cost of this card. It’s the engine of this deck and will allow you to make huge plays alongside the giants you’ll likely draw into.

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Wild Giants Druid tips, combos and synergies

This is quite a new kind of deck for the Wild ladder, so here’s a look at the combos you can make use of:

– Once Wild Growth has been cast you’ll have access to one more Mana at every stage of the match than your opponent. The sooner you can get this spell off, the more benefit you’ll gain from it.

– When Spreading Plague is cast you’ll summon a 1 / 5 Taunt minion onto the board. If your opponent still has more more minions than you, it’ll be cast again. This process repeats.

– When you play Malfurion the Pestilent you’ll have the choice of summoning two minions with either Taunt or Poison.

Naga Sea Witch and Aviana are both important cards for fielding lots of massive minions. They both reduce the base cost of Sea Giant, Arcane Giant and Molten Giant initially, then the cards themselves apply their own cost-reduction criteria.

– Be very careful not to overdraw your hand with Ultimate Infestation, especially if you have any key cards remaining in your deck pile. Sod’s law demands that you lose the most important cards you need to win the match…

– When Loatheb is played, your opponent’s spells will cost five Mana more on the next turn only. Try to time the use of this ahead of a key play that your opponent might be building towards, or when they’re likely to want to use a big AOE board-clear effect.

Sea Giant costs one less Mana for every other minion on the board. Arcane Giant costs one less for each spell you cast earlier on in the match. Molten Giant costs one Mana less for each point of damage your hero has taken.

– Once you’ve played Kun the Forgotten King onto the board, you get to spend your Mana all over again. If you’ve got an active Aviana on the board, your play potential is absolutely huge, but be careful you don’t overextend into a board clear and end up with nothing else to field!

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