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Wild Ramp Druid deck list and guide – Hearthstone


How to play the most powerful Wild deck list for Ramp Druid.

Wild Ramp Druid is a deck that aims to exploit the Mana-boosting power of cards like Innervate and Wild Growth so that the player can dig deeper into their pool of cards and play a more expensive minion or two much earlier on in the match. It’s a very familiar archetype in Hearthstone, and it’s one that’s been around since the earliest days of the game. We wanted to bring our Wild guide bang up to date though, so that you can start messing around with it all over again.

There’s just the one Old Gods card in this particular version of the deck: Mire Kepeer. Apart from that you’re going to need a card or two from across all of Hearthstone’s Adventures and expansions, so this may not be the ideal starting point for those with a small card collection and shallow pockets. Still, if you’ve been playing the game for a long time now, you’ll very likely have the key ingredients for playing Wild Ramp Druid.

In our essential starter guide, we’ll outline the latest deck list that’s most commonly in use, and explain the strategy behind playing out your hand. Next, we’ve got a little Mulligan advice to make sure you grab the correct starting cards, followed by a closer look at the many combos and card syneriges that exist in this deck.

We’re always interested to hear what versions of this archetype you’re playing yourself, so be sure to let us know what’s working for you in the comments. Have fun!

(For the Standard version of this deck, make sure you take a look at our Ramp Druid (Standard) deck list and guide)

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Wild Ramp Druid deck list and strategy

Here’s a pretty vanilla deck list for Wild Ramp Druid but it should get the job done. If you’re playing a different version, let us know what you’ve changed in the comments.

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Druid Set Neutral Set
2 x Innervate 2 x Piloted Shredder GvG
1 x Living Roots 1 x Spellbreaker
2 x Darnassus Aspirant TGT 2 x Azure Drake
2 x Wild Growth 1 x Big Game Hunter
2 x Wrath 1 x Emperor Thaurissan BRM
2 x Druid of the Flame BRM 1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
2 x Mire Keeper TOG 1 x Kel’Thuzad Naxx
2 x Swipe
2 x Druid of the Claw
1 x Ancient of Lore
2 x Ancient of War
1 x Cenarius

The early turns with Ramp Druid are absolutely vital, and if you’ve got the likes of Innervate, Wild Growth and The Coin at your disposal, then it’s really important that you plan several turns ahead in order to to make a series of efficient plays. There are so many possible variations in these early stages that we can’t list them all, but just make sure you head into Turn 1 with a clear plan of how you’re going to ramp into the following turns.

Assuming you don’t have these Mana-boosting cards at your disposal though, you’ll need to play minions according to the opponent you’re up against. Against aggro decks you’ll get a great deal of value from cards like Darnassus Aspirant, Living Roots and Wrath. Druid of the Flame should be used in 5-Health mode to maximise the numer of small minions it can clear before dying.

Getting through to the mid-game is really the hardest part of playing Wild Ramp Druid. In the mid-game you’ve got very sticky minions like Piloted Shredder and Mire Keeper to play with, while Emperor Thaurissan will reduce the cost of your most expensive late-game cards. If you can tuck Kel’Thuzad behind a taunted minion, your opponent is going to have a nightmare trying to regain control of the board.

Once you’ve established board dominance, it’s then important that you start dealing plenty of damage to the opponent’s face, particularly if they can gain access to hard removal spells like Hex or Polymorph.

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Wild Ramp Druid Mulligan guide

Just like any other Ramp Druid deck it’s Innervate and Wild Growth that represent your most important keeps. The former lets you field a bigger minion using the element of surprise, while the latter provides you with a big advantage for the entire duration of the match – you should always play it on Turn 2 if you have it. These cards will obviously affect your other keeps – reach into something like Mire Keeper if you can get there earlier than usual.

Those comments aside, there are some useful cards for certain match-ups. Against aggressive opponents, favour the likes of Living Roots and Darnassus Aspirant for early board control. Against more control-orientated Heroes like Warrior, you should toss everything back to aggressively get your Mana ramp cards.

Wild Ramp Druid tips, combos and synergies

Try to keep the following card combos in mind while you’re playing Wild Ramp Druid – they’re a key part of every match-up!

– Kel’Thazad synergises to tremendous effect with all of the Deathrattle cards in this deck. Think of Piloted Shredder, Sylvanas Windrunner or your taunt minions – including Cenarius‘ trees!

– If a card deals spell damage, that damage can be increased by the presence of Azure Drake on the board. Your opponent will likely deal with this creature as a priority though.

– You should probably save it for a problematic enemy minion, but you can technically use Spellbreaker to drop the Deathrattle penalty of Darnassus Aspirant from affecting your Mana pool.

Emperor Thaurissan will reduce the cost of every card in your hand by a single point of Mana. This effect can stack over multiple turns, although most opponents will do everything they can to remove this minion extremely quickly.

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