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How to climb the Wild ladder using Reno Mage in the current metagame.

Wild Reno Mage is another one of those slow and steady Reno decks, where you need to make a fast judgement about the kind of deck your opponent is playing and react with an appropriate playstyle. Key to finding success with this deck lies in carefully studying the synergies contained within it, so don’t skimp on the time you commit to studying the deck list!

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Wild Reno Mage deck list – Gadgetzan

Mage Set Neutral Set
1 x Babbling Book KAR 1 x Mistress of Mixtures MSG
1 x Flamecannon GVG 1 x Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 x Frostbolt 1 x Doomsayer
1 x Arcane Intellect 1 x Mad Scientist NAX
1 x Duplicate NAX 1 x Brann Bronzebeard LOE
1 x Ice Block 1 x Deathlord NAX
1 x Manic Soulcaster MSG 1 x Kabal Courier MSG
1 x Twilight Flamecaller TOG 1 x Kazakus MSG
1 x Volcanic Potion MSG 1 x Antique Healbot GVG
1 x Fireball 1 x Big Game Hunter
1 x Polymorph 1 x Sludge Belcher NAX
1 x Cabalist’s Tome TOG 1 x Reno Jackson LOE
1 x Flame Lance TGT 1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
1 x Blizzard 1 x Dr. Boom GVG
1 x Flamestrike 1 x N’Zoth, the Corruptor TOG

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You can expect to see even more variation than usual on the Wild ladder, so do experiment with the different versions of Reno Mage that are out there. If you come across ones you think are better than this, drop a note in the comments so we can try the changes out for ourselves!

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