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Xixo Season 10 Hunter deck guide – Hearthstone


Xixo's back with a new Hunter deck – here's how to play it.

A couple of weeks ago we ran you through the strategy for playing Xixo’s Pirate Rogue deck. This week the popular deck-builder’s back with another Goblins vs Gnomes Hearthstone deck, this time for Hunter. Opinion’s divided on whether this new collection represents more of an aggressive or a mid-range deck, but however you slice things you’re sure to climb a little further up the ladder if you can wrap your head around this slightly different class deck.

Xixo Season 10 Hunter deck guide

Like most Hunter decks, your objective here is to dominate from the very earliest turns, build up a sizeable army of minions, and deliver relentless pressure against your opponent’s health pool. Once you start reaching the mid-game, it’s OK to play a single minion and hold something else back if it means you can also fire your Hero Power off.

Constant, unrelenting damage that forces your opponent into a hopelessly reactive game is the focus here. Only trade minions off as much as is necessary to avoid board-clearances, and make sure you do your homework so you know when each opposing Hero can effectively reset the game. Leave them with nothing on the table when this time comes around.

When is a good time to play Dr. Boom? As soon as you possibly can, even if that means allowing your opponent to control those irritating Boom Bots, and set off the chain reaction of explosions on their own terms.

Xixo Season 10 Hunter Mulligan guide

Just like every other Hunter deck, you have your Undertakers and you want to see them in your opening hand along with any of your other low-Mana Deathrattle minions. Get those Undertakers nice and fat, and keep pushing that aggressive play against your opponent. Animal Companion is also a great turn three play, assuming hanging onto it won’t mess up other plans.

Ideally you want to draw your Secrets using the Deathrattle of your Mad Scientists, but it’s OK to keep a Secret if you’ve got your weapon in your opening hand as well, and you think the curve will work out well against your specific opponent.

Xixo Season 10 Hunter card combos

Lots of combos to think about here, so brush up and be ready to adapt to whatever you find in your hand.

Hunter’s Mark and Unleash the Hounds can be used to remove even the most obstinate enemy minion, so always keep the option in mind.

All of your Deathratttle minions synergise beautifully with Undertaker, so if you receive everybody’s favourite gravedigger in your opening hand, go rummaging around for a supporting cast.

Animal Companion‘s a bit of a crap-shoot but can put up a solid defensive wall or boost your offensive output. Adapt your plan around your luck of the draw here.

Houndmaster obviously synergises with every kind of beast, big or small, and try to avoid playing this character onto the table without getting the benefit of the Battlecry.

Knife Juggler and Unleash the Hounds can really mess up your opponent’s plans, but try to have a Plan B in mind in case you get unlucky with the random targeting.

Many’s the game that’s been won by a Haunted Creeper and a Kill Command versus a wall of opposing Taunts. If you’ve still got this spell in your deck and the game’s turning sour, don’t just throw that cheap beast on the board as a free kill – it may be the combo you desperately need later on.

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