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Xixo Season 11 No Undertaker Hunter guide – Hearthstone


Who needs that crusty old gravedigger anyway?

Think the Hunter Hero’s done and dusted just because Undertaker took a nerf-bat to the face? Think again. Popular deck creator Xixo has come up with yet another incredible deck that continues to play to the Hero’s strengths, without relying on any single card to carry the class to victory.

Xixo Season 11 No Undertaker Hunter strategy guide

If you’ve played any other classic aggressive Hunter deck in Hearthstone, you’ll know that playing this deck to maximum effect involves delivering a constant barrage of pain to your opponent. Wherever possible, make your opponent do the job of controlling the board, unless you believe they’re capable of wiping out your fighting forces on the next turn.

Once you reach the mid-game, you should make sure you’re firing off your Hero Power at every opportunity. Not only will this ensure you keep delivering a drip-drip-drip of damage to your opponent, you’ll also minimise the risk of over-extending and losing everything on the board.

Xixo Season 11 No Undertaker Hunter Mulligan guide

Throw away any Secrets you get in the Mulligan, as you want your Mad Scientist to do the hard work of drawing them out. Apart from that, you’ll struggle to find yourself with a bad opening hand, given the huge quantity of one, two and three-drop minions stuffed into this deck. Throw anything bigger away, and try to hold on to cards that synergise well with each other.

If you know your current metagame well, think about your opponent’s typical opening plays, and build the most resilient response possible.

Xixo Season 11 No Undertaker Hunter card combos

There are combos both sneaky and deadly in this deck, and it pays to be aware of every last one of them. Try to keep these in mind as you evaluate both the cards in your hand, and those left in your deck.

Hunter’s Mark in conjunction with Unleash the Hounds can dig you out of even the biggest hole. Don’t forget about your other low-Attack minions like Leper Gnome and Haunted Creeper. You can also hope and pray for a handy blade flick from Knife Juggler.

– Don’t forget that your Eaglehorn Bow can be refreshed by any of the Secrets in this deck, so hold back from spending that last point of durability unless you really need to deal with a pressing problem.

Kill Command synergises with any of your beast cards – no matter how big or small – to deliver a not-insignificant five points of damage. If you’re at the end-game and behind, and you know you have this spell in your deck, resist the urge to play a weak beast onto the board if it’s likely to just die. You may well wish you’d held onto it when you’re two points away from victory.

Abusive Sergeant plays particularly well with Deathrattle cards like Haunted Creeper. Not only do you get a three-Attack minion to clear a threat, you’re left with a pair of minor beasts. Just note that those spectral spiders do not count as beasts, and so can’t be used to empower Kill Command.

Unleash the Hounds always plays well with Animal Companion. Whether you get the taunting bear or the bird, you’ll have some tasty firepower on the board and raring to go.

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