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Call of Duty: Warzone – Best SMG


Fast damage, super mobile – here's the best SMGs for Warzone.

For your close-range needs, we’ve got the best SMGs to choose both in your Warzone loadouts and off the ground.

Submachine guns are an integral part of any run-and-gun playstyle, and your SMG play in Warzone will have to be absolutely clutch to come away with victory. Luckily, we’ve got a nice little helping hand to help you choose the best SMG for the job in Warzone, so read on for more information.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Best SMG

We’ve narrowed down the best SMGs in Warzone to our favourite two:

  • MP5
  • MP7

Each of these fill out a similar role, and constantly jostle for the top spot when it comes to Warzone SMGs. Here’s what you should be looking for close-up in Warzone.


The MP5 is the best SMG in the game by many metrics. It offers two-headshot kills to armourless enemies up close and a pretty reliable high damage range as long as you avoid limb shots. Of course, the 10mm ammunition attachment improves the damage ranges for your MP5, meaning your damage drops off much less at range. It’ll still fail to climb above a 3-shot kill without a headshot, but will become much more reliable outside of close quarters.

The thing that makes the MP5 special is how ridiculously mobile and snappy it is. With just a couple of attachments like the Subsonic Integral Suppressor, FTAC Collapsible Stock, or Stippled Grip Tape, you’ll be aiming down sights and getting from sprint to fire in no time at all.

The recoil on the MP5 is pretty easy to handle, and we like the iron sights a whole lot, but you can make it even snappier if you’re up for a bit more unpredictability with the gun’s kick. Just whack on the FSS Mini Barrel and you’ll be absolutely savage on flanking runs.

The MP5’s higher damage than the MP7 gives it a higher level of DPS than the MP7, so if you’re hitting every single shot, the MP5 is the best SMG in the game.


We actually prefer the MP7 to the MP5 though. It’s a matter of preference of course, but the MP7 has a few categories in which it prevails, and remains a great option for best SMG in Warzone.

The main positive with the MP7 is the option to get its ammunition capacity up to 60. This bigger magazine size is brilliant for Warzone, since you’ll often have to deal with multiple enemies at once, all using armour and shooting at you at the same time. Stopping to reload can be the difference-maker. It also has a slightly faster fire rate, making it a bit more forgiving than the MP5. Missing a shot here and there won’t completely ruin your day.

The MP7 is just as snappy as the MP5 when it comes to sprint-to-fire time and aim-down-sights time, and can be buffed further by attachments like No Stock, FSS Close Quarters Stock, and Stippled Grip Tape.

It’s actually easier to control the recoil for the MP7 than the MP5 when you’re firing fully-automatic. The MP7 kicks almost directly upwards, meaning you’ll be able to get used to it pretty quickly and drag downwards as and when you need to.

The more reliable nature of the MP7 means you’ll be able to hit those shots much more consistently from further away, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing an SMG – it’ll take a little extra practice to make things work with the MP5.

That’s all for our guide on the best SMGs in Warzone! Now get out there and start flanking those campers. While you’re at it, we’ve got a guide on the Best Warzone Loadouts which include SMG loadouts, as well as all the Warzone bunker and phone locations for when you find a key.

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