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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to get Bells quickly



Bells are the main currency available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s how to get them.

Tom Nook has your life in his paws. As soon as you arrive on your deserted island for the Nook Inc. Getaway Package, this ripoff raccoon saddles you with an unassailable debt and dangles the carrot of brick-and-mortar in front of your salivating mouth. There’s no way forward other than to pay him off. We’re working hard to figure out the best ways to get Bells and play him at his own game. There’s no revolution in incrementalism, but we’ve gotta survive in the meantime.

How do you get your hands on Bells then? There’s a lot of ways you can generate the Animal Crossing world’s currency. Read on to find out. We’ll keep this page updated as we find out more about the intricacies of New Horizons’ bell economy.


Selling Fruit

The most common and easiest way to start paying off Nook’s outrageous loan is finding stuff on your island and flogging it back to him. When you start the game, you’ll only have one type of fruit available to you, and it’ll sell for 100 Bells. The possible fruits available are apples, cherries, peaches, pears, or oranges – the one you find immediately is your ‘native fruit’.

Get yourself some fancier fruit, and thus more bells, by visiting other folks’ islands and nabbing some of their fruit. Bring some of your native fruit over as a peace offering, shake a couple of their trees, and bring the foreign fruit back to your town. Foreign fruit sells for 500 bells, a far cry from the measly income your local fruit produces.

Don’t sell them immediately though! You’ll want to get a shovel and bury the foreign fruit in your town. The trees will take 5 days to grow, and it’d be best to take a few of the ones you’ve grown each time and replant them. Soon enough, you’ll have a menagerie of fruits from all over the world and should be raking in the bells!

If you get yourself a Nook Miles Ticket, you can head over to a deserted island for a Mystery Tour. There, you’ll find coconut trees as well. Shake them down and you’ll end up with even more fodder for burying. Plant your coconut trees at the beach and they’ll bloom into delicious tropical goodness.

What is ‘perfect fruit’?

In New Horizons, it’s likely you’ll be able to get perfect fruit in the same way as New Leaf. This isn’t confirmed fully though – it’s early days. There’s the possibility of one perfect native fruit in your town, and it can (and should) be planted in order to make more. It sells for 600 bells, but give it to a friend to take over to their island, and they’ll make 3000 for each. You can only grow perfect fruit in its native town, and when you’ve harvested it a few times, the tree dies.

Selling ‘hot’ items in Nook’s Cranny

Once you’ve unlocked your island’s shop, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Timmy and Tommy what’s hot today. It’ll be a piece of furniture you can craft, and will be sellable for double the usual price. If you have the resources, it’s well worth doing to be honest, especially if you get a high value item. We got Hearths one day, which let us craft pockets full of them and sell them for over 10,000 bells apiece.

Selling shells

Every day, you’ll want to check the beaches of your island for shells to sell. It’s not a big ticket item, but you’ll pretty reliably be able to transfer shells into bells daily. Pearl Oysters sell for 1200 bells too, so it’s worth popping by the beach if you’re passing through.

Selling fossils

In all Animal Crossing games, you can dig up fossils and donate them to Blathers at your local museum. This is once again the case, and once you’ve had Blathers identify your fossil, he gives you the option to donate it to the museum or give it back to you. We’re not going to tell you how to live your life, but you should probably donate the first copy of a fossil you find. Poor Blathers is desperate (and his descriptions of each object are interesting and endearing). After this though, he’ll just give them back to you regardless, and you can sell the identified fossils to Nook or use them as furniture items. Each fossil has a different price, but you can make up to 6000 bells per one you sell! This can really add up, especially if you find around 3 or 4 in a day. Keep a shovel with you at all times and head to see Blathers once you find some.

Catching bugs and fish

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are all sorts of ways to gain bells from the wildlife of your island. You can catch bugs and fish once you’ve crafted a net and fishing rod, and either donate them to the museum or sell them. Some bugs and fish can sell for over 10,000 bells, and we’ll put together a guide of the most valuable fauna once we know more.

You’ll also be able to compete in bug-catching and fishing tourneys with Flick and C.J. respectively. You’ll win furniture for catching the biggest and best animals. Check back for more info when we find out how to guarantee maximised returns.

Money Rocks

Every day, one rock in your town will turn into a ‘money rock’ at random. You can hit them with a shovel or axe and money will come out. In order to get more hits in before you run out, you might want to try digging a hole behind yourself before you start hitting. This’ll mean you recoil less when you bash the rock.

From our experience, you’ll get 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 bells as you hit the rock. If you’re super fast you might be able to get 8000 from the last hit too.

If you’ve got more than one player on an island, each villager gets a different money rock each day.

The amount of money may react to your level of yellow Feng Shui, so check out our Feng Shui guide for more information on that.

Ore can be found in your town too. Hit your rocks with a stone axe or shovel several times at once to get iron nuggets or gold from it, and if you’re particularly flush with resources you can flog them for a solid price.

Iron nuggets are kind of important to keep on hand early-game, and we’ve put together an iron nuggets farming guide if you need it.

If you want though, you can sell each one for 375 bells. Remember, you’ll need them to make tools and build Nook’s Cranny though.

Gold Nuggets sell for 10,000 bells apiece, and they come out of rocks in the same manner as iron nuggets.

More essential Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides –

The Stalk Market

Daisy Mae is the local turnip seller in your town. She’ll show up and flog you turnips on Sundays. They can be sold on the Stalk Market at varying prices throughout the week. In previous games, you’ve been charged between 90-110 bells per turnip, and in our experience that’s pretty much the same in this case. You’ll want to hold onto your turnips until you make a profit, as the prices can sometimes rise to a level multiple times what you initially paid.

For more information on turnips, check out our page on how to play the Stalk Market. It’s all a collaborative process, so join in with friends and you might be able to all reap the benefits, especially when prices spike to ridiculous levels.


Going for a swim in the ocean can be a very lucrative method of farming bells, garnering over 30,000 with a full inventory. As well as finding the college stoner otter Pascal and learning to craft mermaid furniture, you can hop into the ocean and dive under the surface, selling the various sea creatures you come across.

We have more information on this with our guide on how to go swimming in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For bells though, just hop in and grab all the goodies you can, fill your pockets (after donating some to Blathers), and do it all again.

Money Trees

Money Trees can be planted each day when you find a glowing spot in the ground, dig it up and you’ll find 1000 bells, which is pretty decent for a freebie. Plant that 1000 bells back in the ground though, and you’ll be able to plant a money tree. It looks like you’ll be able to plant up to 10,000 and triple that amount within a few days. Not bad.

Normal Trees

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, trees randomly contain bells or furniture. Whilst this isn’t a hugely profitable way to go about business, it’s worth shaking trees as you go for the off chance of a nice little windfall.

More essential Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides

Farming Tarantulas

Tarantula spiders are gross, terrifying monstrosities. They’re worth 8000 bells each though, so catch as many as you can.

We’ve got together a guide on how to get yourself onto a tarantula island, where you can fill your pockets with these horrible things and garner ludicrous amounts of money extremely quickly. We’ve even got some tips on catching the slippery buggers.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a specific way of arranging your room to give you various advantages, many of which are monetary in nature. You’ll need to decorate your room based on an assigned colour for each piece of furniture. Specifically, ‘yellow’ Feng Shui is what you’re after if you want to increase your income. It makes you more likely to find money in trees, and may increase the total number of bells in the daily money rock.

We’ve put together a more comprehensive guide on Feng Shui if you want to improve the flow of positive energy around your gaff.

That’s all for our bell-making guide! We’ll keep things nice and updated as time goes on and we find out more, of course. Check out our other guides on how to use the NookPhone, and also how to obtain Nook Miles quickly – they’re going to be vital to making money in New Horizons.

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