FACEIT announces a new CS:GO league featuring the return of Semmler


And a surprise guest…

FACEIT, one of the leading competitive platforms for CS:GO, has announced a new CS:GO pro league arriving in March this year.

It’s set to feature top casting talent, including the likes of Bardolph and DDK, as well as Moses, Thorin, Sean Gares and host Freya Spiers. Fans will be excited to see Anders reunited with Semmler in what’s set to be a wonderful reformation of the legendary casting duo. Semmler left CS:GO for the Overwatch League, but has only recently returned to his roots. They’ve played a huge part in the scene’s growth, so it’s great to see them headline this new league.

Finally, Montecristo, who also left the Overwatch League will be part of the new FACEIT league talent. He’s a veteran League of Legends caster and Overwatch aficionado, but has never casted CS:GO. With this in mind, it’s likely he’ll be a part of the analyst desk providing post match insight.

There’s currently no specific date set for the FACEIT league’s launch, but we’ll keep you posted on any further announcements. Stay tuned!

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