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D.Va animated short ruled out by voice actor – Overwatch


Update: No cinematic planned for Friday, but tweets hint at more backstory.

UPDATE: 26th June 2017

After a week of teasers and rising excitement at the possibility of some substantial DV.a content, we didn’t really get the big reveal we were hoping for. Instead, we got a short video of Charlet Chung briefly meeting members of the Overwatch team and thanking them for creating the game.

We’ve embedded the video for you below,

UPDATE: 22nd June 2017

Turns out that our hopes for a D.Va animated short have been dashed, with the character’s voice actor Charlet Chung tweeting a direct “no” in response to a fan’s question on the subject.

As well as ruling out a cinematic for the hero she’s also shut down a few other possibilities as well:

  • It’s not a new D.Va skin.
  • It’s not an animated short featuring Lucio.
  • It’s nothing to do with the upcoming Summer Games seasonal event.
  • It’s not a D.Va comic.

Over the last couple of days she’s added to the intrigue further, posting two cryptic tweets.

The first says: “Extraordinary author and all-around genius – @westofhouse Meet them…”.

The image shows her with Michael Chu, the lead writer for Overwatch.

The second reads, “Visionary and master craftsman. The man behind the visuals – @steamboy33. Know them…”.

This time she’s posing with Arnold Tsang, Overwatch’s lead character concept artist.

What do we make of these teasers? While we won’t get an animated short, it’s still possible that the reveal on Friday could be something that fleshes out D.Va’s backstory. She’s pictured with two lead members of the Overwatch team who are largely responsible for crafting the universe and the heroes within it, after all – it would be a huge surprise to us if the reveal didn’t touch on the lore in a big way.

We’d place our bets on some kind of D.Va developer diary video popping up on Friday. We’re picturing a deep dive video on how her character design and backstory were originally conceived, with a lot of insight from Chu and Tsang.

We’ll be sure to cover the reveal on Friday, so keep an eye on the homepage for the official announcement.

ORIGINAL STORY: 20th June 2017

Charlet Chung, the voice actress of Overwatch tank D.Va, has confirmed on Twitter that there will be some kind of new Overwatch content revealed this Friday.

“Friday reveal, sneak peaks all week,” it reads. The voice actor also attached an image of her posing at Blizzard headquarters:

The community is already confident that we’re going to see D.Va’s animated short at the end of the week, and there’s sound logic behind the guess.

Bastion’s animated short was released in August of last year, and Sombra’s ‘Infiltration’ short emerged three months later in November. This means that it’s now been around six months since the last one, so we’re definitely due another cinematic slice of backstory for the game.

If you’ve not seen any of Blizzard’s animated shorts, or you just want to watch them again, we’ve embedded the most recent one below for your viewing pleasure!

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