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Efi Oladele revealed – Overwatch


At least it's not the Sombra ARG again…

A new post has just gone live on the official Overwatch site, one which introduces a young girl name Efi Oladele to the game’s storyline. It’s one of those nice little bits of flavour the Overwatch team like to add to the Overwatch universe every now and then.

Before we head into rampant speculation about what this might mean for Overwatch’s next hero though (you know, the one game director Jeff Kaplan teased might not actually be Doomfist after all, and which may in fact be Greek), here’s the basics of the post:

  • Efi Oladele is an 11 year-old Numbani Resident.
  • The news piece reports her as being the recipient of the Adawe Foundation’s prestigious “genius grant”.
  • She enjoyed building drones and robots to help do chores.
  • She dreams of building something that can keep the world safe.
  • She has “an idea…” of what to do with the grant, but it’s a secret for now.

It is highly unlikely that Oladele herself is an upcoming hero for the game, due to her age. It’s hard to imagine that Blizzard would even contemplate letting players kill a child in a competitive game, given their historical outlook on such things – not to mention the negative publicity it would inevitably invite.

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Instead, we have a few thoughts on what this might mean for the game – assuming it’s not just random story filler, which seems very unlikely given that Blizzard know what this sort of thing does to the game’s fans.

Some possibilities:

  • Efi Oladele is somehow involved with the return of Doomfist, who’s famed gauntlet resides in the Numbani payload.
  • She may be related to Doomfist in some way, and is simply part of this hero’s backstory before he arrives in the game.
  • She could be the creator of a completely new hero, presumably one that’s more Omnic than human.
  • The mention of drones suggests she could still be a part of the in-game experience but as a remote controller of the actual hero “avatar” (avoiding age issues in the process).
  • The article is published in-universe by Atlas News on today, 21st February. Given that Overwatch is set in the future, it’s not impossible that she’d eventually be old enough to be a playable character in the game.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but we’d love to hear what you think of this character – and what she might represent – in the comments section!

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