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How does the Most Wanted Contract work in Warzone?


You dropped this, King.

How does the Most Wanted Contract work in Warzone? What rewards does it give you? In this guide we’ll explain all.

Nab a Most Wanted Contract in Warzone and you’ll mark yourself for all to see. If enemies manage to eliminate you within the time limit they’ll get a hefty paycheck. Manage to survive? Well, you’ll reap a huge number of benefits – many of which aren’t immediately clear.

Below we’ve broken down exactly how the Most Wanted Contract works.

How does a Most Wanted Contract work?

Most Wanted Contacts are represented by a crown icon on the map. Those who grab them will be marked with a red crown icon for everyone to see!

If you pick up the contract you’ll be given a time limit to survive which often equates to around 3 minutes. If you die before the time limit expires, it’s business as usual. You’ll return to the Gulag if it’s available and things will carry on as normal, just with the crushing reality of knowing you didn’t complete the contract – it’s fine, totally fine.

Manage to survive until the time limit expires, though, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely! And we mean, handsomely.

You and your squad will all get a tonne of cash to spend at Buy Stations, and any dead teammates will be instantly redeployed back into the Warzone.

Essentially, a Most Wanted Contract can turn things around for you and the squad, but it’s a huge risk.

Is it worth going for?

Depends entirely on the situation. We’ve found it’s worth grabbing either at the very beginning of a game, or as a last ditch attempt to get your squad back in the action.

It’s not a bad way to start a game if you group up, find a decent position on the high ground and protect yourselves until the time limit expires. This way you’ll all be flush with cash and can purchase an early loadout fast.

If you’re attempting to get your friends back, you’ll likely have teams hunting you right off the bat. With this in mind employ largely the same tactics. Try and find a building, secure its high ground, and play around it. If a team pushes you, you’ll need to find ways to outplay them by dipping in and out of the action. Use a building’s winding stairways, flank through windows, drop on heads. One on one fights will give you the greatest chance of survival!

Unsure how Supply Run Contracts work? Well, fear not. We’ve got just the page for you.

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