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How to get free COD Points, Credits and Items in Call of Duty: Mobile


Our tips on making the most of the in-game economy of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile has two currencies – Credits and COD Points. Here’s our guide on how to grind for free in-game cash.

We’ve put together a walkthrough on how to get your hands on more Credits and COD points for use in the in-game store. Read on to find out more.

How do I get COD Points on Call of Duty: Mobile?

You’ll struggle to get a huge number of COD Points without paying real money unfortunately. The easiest way to earn them through gameplay is by purchasing the Season 1 Battle Pass, which will set you back 800 CP, purchasable for £9.99 in the store (click the button in the bottom right of the main menu).

After unlocking the Battle Pass, you’ll be able to earn COD Points through unlocking tiers by completing challenges. Check out our guide on how to rank up and grind levels for more info on this.

When levelling up the Battle Pass, you’ll eventually earn up to 800 CP (at tier 93), which is enough to purchase next season’s Battle Pass. Throughout the Battle Pass’ progression you’ll earn various rewards, and you can choose to spend these COD Points on items available in store or save them for next season’s Pass.

The game does run special offers for COD Points on occasion, so do keep an eye out for that if you’re looking to save a bit.

What’s the best way to earn Credits in Call of Duty: Mobile?

Credits are earned in the same way as COD Points, through ranking up your Battle Pass. However, they’re also available in the free pass meaning you don’t have to invest real life money.

Credits are far more freely available in general though. You can earn them through limited-time event challenges, so check the middle tab on the left-hand side of the main menu. At time of writing, you can complete special Battle Royale challenges in exchange for Credits, but these tasks will of course change in the future.

Credits can be used in the store, just like COD Points. The only difference is the selection of goodies. A tiny amount of loot is available in exchange for Credits, whilst COD Points offer a great deal more. Regardless, you shouldn’t be running into enemies who have paid-to-win – weapon upgrades are mostly cosmetic, and when they do get bonuses they aren’t unfairly powerful.

How to earn items in Call of Duty: Mobile

Several avenues exist for you to earn items in Call of Duty: Mobile. As always, the Battle Pass levelling system opens up a whole lot of goods, both on the free and premium tiers. Gun XP cards can be unlocked, along with sprays and equipment skins for free, but loot crates also make an appearance. ‘Daily Crates’ can be unlocked, which display the likelihood of rare equipment dropping at 33%. ‘Battle Pass Crates’ are only available on the premium tier, with blue and purple rarity gear being more likely to occur.

You can also earn rewards for participating in ranked games. Most of the time, we received Weapon XP cards, but we found cosmetics too. Check your mailbox regularly to find and claim the gear – you might have a bunch already!

Friends can send each other XP cards easily. Just go to your friends list by tapping the icon at the top of your main menu, go to the ‘friends’ tab, and tap the ‘EXP’ button next to the desired friend’s name. They’ll receive a nice treat at no cost to you, and might just return the favour.

It should be noted that if you do receive an item from a loot box that you already own, it’ll automatically be converted into Credits, with more Credits available for rarer items.

That’s all for our COD Points, Credits and Item unlock guide! Check out our Call of Duty: Mobile guide hub for more!

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