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Jeff Kaplan reveals 6 secrets about tanks – Overwatch


A few interesting facts you won't have known about.

As part of IGN’s series on Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan has provided the community with a handful of little-known facts about the various tank heroes on the roster.

It’s a really interesting watch, but if you just want the details we’ve listed them down below.

  • DV.a’s the one hero who’s most prone to bugs when patching the game. This is due to her complex nature, both in and out of her mech.
  • Orisa was prototyped by hero designer Geoff Goodman. They needed her to look completely different to any of the other heroes, so in the prototype build she was represented in Zarya’s gothic skin holding Bastion’s turret as a weapon.
  • At one point they had a version of Reinhardt that hailed from Numbani, themed after a Wildebeest. He was also piloted by a little girl, but they had a change of heart and went for a more traditional approach, kitting him out in a suit of armour. Jeff says that he fell in love with character designer Chris Metzen’s description of Reinhardt: “He’s the guy you want to hang out with at the bar, who’s always buying you drinks.”
  • Arnold Zhang had drawn a piece of concept art entitled ‘The Junkers’, drawn up for a completely different game. They liked it so much they thought it would fit perfectly in the Overwatch universe, and Roadhog was born!
  • The Overwatch team questioned the stereotypical depiction of women in videogames, and Zarya’s design directly challenges this by representing other body types too.
  • Arnold showed the team a picture of Winston and they loved it immediately. He told them that Winston talked, and the team were still on board. Finally he told them that Winston was from the moon, and by this stage they didn’t care any more about how far-fetched his design was – they liked it too much!

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