Job Simulator devs create VR hack – Overwatch


"I worked hard on that!"

The developers of one of the best-known games in VR – Job Simulator – had a busy weekend hacking a little Overwatch flavour into their title. You can see the results of their efforts in the video below!

In the clip, we see a little Reaper action courtesy of a pair of stapler guns, as well as a Widowmaker gun cobbled together from a cup and a bottle. A wandering McCree is put in his place – at noon, no less – by a nifty edition of Ice Wall, along with a little “Sorry” spray afterwards. Finally, Reaper shows up to drop a Death Blossom on Reinhardt.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect any of this to come to a Job Simulator release any time soon, but it’s a fun tribute from the team nevertheless!

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