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Mystery Hero Ultimate charge may persist through death – Overwatch


Other quality of life improvements under review too.

The Overwatch developers may change the Mystery Heroes brawl so that players retain their Ultimate charge after death. For those unfamiliar with the mode, Mystery Heroes selects your hero for you and then randomly reassigns you with a fresh character when you die and end up back in the spawn room.

It’s one of the most popular brawls in Overwatch, but right now it encourages team members to play more conservatively, the closer they get to filling up their Ultimate meter. Who wants to lose all that potential game-stopping power through one silly mistake, after all?

In response to a post on the official forums last night, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that this was in fact a subject the team had been discussing recently, along with a few other quality of life improvements for Mystery Heroes.

“We have some clean up that we want to do to the mode eventually,” he began.

“Obviously, we want to remove the “assemble your heroes” moment – we were restricted by old tech on this but now have the ability to fix this. We also want to prevent self-inflicted eliminations from allowing you to change heroes.

“As for ultimates, we keep going back and forth on this one. Part of what feels so impactful about the mode is that an elimination is very meaningful… and an ultimate is more of a special occasion. But it definitely feels off to us when you roll the same hero twice and lose that ultimate charge.

“We’ll keep discussing it and try some things out. Hopefully, the fixes are not too far off. It’s definitely not our highest priority issue, but we love the mode and know how much you guys do too. Keep the feedback coming!

So, it looks as though you might well get to retain your Ultimate charge if you’re randomly assigned the same character twice in a row, although it’s possible keeping it across characters would take some of the fun out of the mode.

We also like the idea of losing the team assembly delay at the start of each brawl. The game does, after all, form your team for you and so there’s no meaningful interaction players can make with the interface during this time.

Sadly it looks as though Mystery Brawl isn’t too high up Blizzard’s list of priorities, but we’ll update this article as soon as we get some firm details of the changes the team have planned.

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