One Hero limit coming to Competitive Play – Overwatch


No more stacking strategies for the game's ranked play format.

An upcoming Overwatch patch will stop players from including the same Hero more than once, according to an interview given by principal designer Scott Mercer to GameSpot (via Eurogamer).

“The big thing for Competitive Play is we’re going to turn on one-hero limit, so players will not be able to stack more than one of the same hero within a Competitive match,” he said.

“It’s not going to affect Quick Play at all, but it is something we’re going to turn on for Competitive.”

One-Hero limits have often been considered controversial in unofficial tournaments, but it looks like this is Blizzard’s preferred position for the game’s ranked mode.

We’ll bring you more details, along with an update on when the change is likely to hit, as soon as we learn more.

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