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Overwatch League Replay Viewer now live


Catch up on the latest top-tier esports action from any angle.

The Overwatch League Replay Viewer is now available to all players of the game on PC. The news was announced in a blog post on the official Overwatch site yesterday evening.

In order to make use of the new feature, you’ll first of all have to download the Replay Viewer itself. To do so, just follow these instructions:

  • 1. Open your app
  • 2. Click Overwatch
  • 3. Select Professional Viewer under the Region / Account drop-down
  • 4. Select Install (and have a good 20GB of space left on your hard drive!)
  • 5. Select Play while the Viewer is selected to get started

What can you do with the Replay Viewer though? Well, once you’re in you’ll be able to review the latest matches from the Overwatch League, and do so from any number of vantage points.

You can assume a first or third-person view of the action, or even watch the entire match from high above the map. You can learn hero strategies from the pros by watching from their perspective, and slow things down a little if you’re struggling to keep up.

Here are the most important controls, reproduced from the blog post itself. To see all the options from within the viewer itself, just hit Escape and then select Options > Controls > Spectate.

  • N: Show/Hide controls
  • W, A, S, and D: Move the camera around
  • Q and E: Move camera up/Down
  • Scroll Wheel Up: Increase playback speed
  • Scroll Wheel Down: Decrease playback speed
  • CTRL + P: Play/Pause
  • Spacebar: Toggle between first-person and third-person view
  • Left/Right Click: Detach from first-person and third-person view to free camera
  • F1-F12: Spectate players (corresponds with player list in media controls)
  • 0: Snap to the objective
  • CTRL + I: Show map overlay
  • CTRL + 1 through CNTRL + 9: Save bookmarks
  • 1-9: Restore camera bookmarks

There’s no word yet on whether the Replay Viewer will make it to other platforms, but we’ve been having a blast playing around with the new tool this morning. It should certainly make life easier for those making highlight or analysis videos as well.

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