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Overwatch’s latest update brings Sigma and Role Queue to live servers


You can jump into Quickplay and Arcade with the evil astrophysicist right now.

Overwatch’s 31st Hero, Sigma, has hit the live servers and is available to play on all platforms. Sigma adds a much-needed dimension to Overwatch’s Tank offering, and you can try him out in the Arcade and Quickplay right now. He’s due to arrive in Competitive next season, starting 1st September.

Sigma, real name Siebren de Kuiper, is described by Blizzard as a ‘brilliant astrophysicist’ who became able to control gravity when an experiment went west. ‘Now, Talon manipulates him to their own ends’, with these ends apparently requiring no footwear.

His primary fire, Hyperspheres, shoots out two projectiles which implode and deal area-of-effect damage to enemies. Kinetic Grasp is a powerful ability that absorbs enemy fire in front of Sigma, turns it into shields to protect himself and boosts his own tankiness in the process. Accretion lets Sigma gather a mass of debris from… somewhere, and throw it at the enemy, knocking them down and interrupting their abilities. Finally, Experimental Barrier is his bread and butter, which involves throwing out a floating barrier that can be stopped and recalled at will.

Sigma’s Ultimate, Gravitic Flux, is a powerful ability that allows him to float in the air using gravity magic. He then takes a group of enemies, lifts them up and slams them back down to earth, both shutting off movement and dealing damage. It targets a pretty huge area too, covering entire objective points which will likely offer a huge swing in team fights.

As well as this, the Role Queue Beta is live in Competitive. Placement matches are now slightly different, as players have a different ranking for Tank, Damage and Support depending on their skill level with each. There will even be loot box incentives to pick roles that balance out the overall spread of heroes being played.

Other adjustments include buffs and nerfs to various characters, as well as a universal increase of Ultimate charge times by 12%, a tweak leads to fewer Ultimates being used per game, making each one more valuable as well as increasing the importance of raw skill and teamwork.

You can see the full patch notes here, and we look forward to seeing the direction the meta takes with all these changes.

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