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PUBG: Dihor Otok guide


Our PUBG Vikendi guide contains everything you need to know about the new map, and will be updated with tips, best loot spots and more coming soon.

Winter has arrived in PUBG, and with it a brand new 6×6 themed snow map called Vikendi. It’s based on an isolated resort island, which was once home to a variety of attractions, businesses and villages. There’s a cosmodrome, a dino park, a castle and even a winery.

The devs believe that Vikendi is a mixture of all the best parts of PUBG’s previous maps, and should feature a nice pace of play. It should still provide high action moments like those found in Sanhok, but also give players a little more room to breathe this time round.

There are also two brand new items exclusive to the map. The G36C Assault Rifle, and the Snowmobile which will help you traverse its icy areas in style.

Below we’ve got an overview of Vikendi and everything you need to know about this new map.

Vikendi: Overview

First off, here’s an image of the map itself. Click to zoom in.

Do be aware that it’s currently on the test server, so expect some last minute changes.

How does it play?

  • Vikendi is a 6x6km map, with gameplay quicker than Erangel and Miramar, but offering a more tactical experience than Sanhok.
  • Players can throw snowballs while waiting to board the plane in the starting area.
  • Vehicles will be more slippery in snow or icy areas. Acceleration on icy terrain is slow and you lose more general vehicle control as you speed up.
  • Footprints and vehicle tracks will appear as players travel in snow-covered areas. Keep an eye out! These are great to help identify if enemies have passed by recently.
  • Keep in mind that footprints and tracks in the snow don’t stay around forever!

Bluezone and Item Spawn Balance

  • The first circle of every game is much smaller than other maps, but subsequent circle sizes change less drastically.
  • This facilitates more blue zone variety and unique experiences.
  • Similar strategies work on Vikendi to Erangel and Miramar for the first three phases, but the zones will close slower starting from phase 4, similar to Sanhok. The dev team feels this leads to a good balance between strategy and gunplay throughout the duration of each match.
  • The overall item spawn rate is at a midpoint between our maps – offering a unique place between the spawn rates of Erangel and Sanhok.
  • Level 3 helmets spawn in the world.
  • Level 3 vests spawn more often than other maps.
  • Smoke Grenades are spawned at a higher rate compared to other throwables

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Vikendi: Exclusive Weapon and Vehicle


Replacing the SCAR on Vikendi is the G36C. It takes 5.56mm ammo, and holds 30 bullets in total, bumping up to 40 with an Extended Mag. For attachments, it has a lower and upper rail, but cannot attach a stock.


Exclusive to Vikendi, the snowmobile seats 2 players and can zip across snow and ice just fine. Transition over to another surface and it won’t be quite as nippy.

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