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PUBG: How to win duo


Our PUBG how to win duos guide contains a list of the best ways to get kills, survive and ultimately increase your chances of winning more duo matches.

Diving into a match of PUBG with an ally in tow is a great way of spicing up the action and making things a little less bleak in the face of impending death at every corner. You’ll be able to share equipment and crucially, information.

Your opponents can do exactly the same, so while the PUBG duos experience might be easier in some ways, you’ve always got another enemy to worry about when engaging in firefights – always watch your back.

Playing duos has its own dynamic that’s unlike both solo and squad matches, so we’ve put together a guide below that’ll help you get better at working as a twosome and start cooking up some delicious Chicken Dinners.

If you think we’ve missed out some valuable tips, drop a comment down below and we may just feature it in the article!

When you’re done here, our comprehensive PUBG guide contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game!

PUBG: Duo advice

Here’s a list of some invaluable duo specific advice that’ll cover everything from positioning, to communication to weaponry.

  • Even when you’re in a down-but-not-out state (or ‘knocked’) you can still drop weapons and items for your teammates.
  • Make sure you’re sharing equipment with each other so you’re always nicely geared up. If you’ve got any supplies spare, share them out. Found a nice Assault Rifle? Let your ally know so they can come and collect it. Pick up valuable attachments even if you don’t need anymore as your teammate could make good use out of them. Finally, you can never have enough meds!
  • Always aim to communicate useful information to your teammate. For example, if you spot an enemy out in the distance, let them know where you’ve spotted them with references to the compass and the environment. Something along the lines of “I’ve seen someone running North, 75, towards a warehouse” is more than enough to get on the same page.
  • When it comes to positioning, let each other know where you’re heading to at all times and try not to get too separated unless you’re planning on doing so. Let your friend know when you’re planning on a flanking maneuver or going for the push.
  • On the topic of sticking together, don’t step on each other’s toes. First off, you might end up accidentally shooting one another if you spot an enemy, or you could both get dropped in seconds with one quick spraydown. Instead, it’s better to keep a little bit of distance but just be aware of where you’re both positioned so you can back each other up if things get a bit hairy.
  • If you gun down an enemy and they’re eliminated instantly, this is a signal that they’re teammate isn’t alive. If they’re knocked, then this means that their ally is still lurking around somewhere. Be decisive. Either finish them off and look for the second target, or wait it out.
  • Bear in mind that when you knock an enemy down, they’re still able to relay information to their ally.
  • Manage to reach the final circle? Then it’s a case of avoiding fights unless you know for certain that you’re going to secure the kill. It’s all about information gathering in the closing stages of a match and doing your best to figure out where everyone’s located.

It’s worth taking a look at our How to win solo page for even more tips on mastering the game on your lonesome, as well as our How to win the late game guide which’ll give take you through some end-game essentials!

That concludes the first edition of our duo guide, but we’ll update this further over time. Stay tuned!

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