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PUBG: How to win the late game


Our how to win the late game guide contains some of the best ways to get kills, survive and win in the final stages of a PUBG match.

Managing to clutch a match of PUBG isn’t exactly easy. You’ll need to survive all of the early and mid-game brawls to even reach a point where you’re challenging for one of the match’s top spots.

Getting accustomed to PUBG’s range of weapons and the various maps is one thing, but learning to hold your nerve and making the right decisions when the circle’s constricting rapidly isn’t something that you’ll have mastered right off the bat.

Learning how to navigate the intensity of the late game can take hundreds of hours, but we’ve put together a guide that’ll hopefully give you a better idea of how to get a one-up on the opposition and bag the Chicken Dinner.

Below you’ll find a list of tips which will help you close out matches, but don’t be afraid to chime in with your own advice. We’d love to hear some of the strategies you’ve come up with, just let us know in the comments section below and we might feature it in the article!

When you’re done here, our enormous PUBG guide contains everything you could possibly need to know about the game!

PUBG: Late game strategy advice

Here are a few tips and tricks that’ll go a long way to helping you close out matches.

Know when to fight

It’s important that you don’t engage an enemy too early when you’re in the final throes of a match. Fail to take them out and all you would’ve done is give away your position to everyone nearby. If you’re going to take someone out, make sure you’re absolutely certain they’ll be heading to the next life.

Use your grenades

Whether you’re in squads or solos, make sure you’re using any grenades you’ve picked up along the way. Smokes can be brilliant for masking your presence while repositioning, while blanket bombing a position with explosive nades can draw out any enemies hiding in the brushes.

Proactive boosting

Pop your booster items (Energy Drinks, Painkillers and Adrenaline Syringes) once the player count drops frighteningly low. You won’t have many opportunities to heal in the late game, so it’s important that you’re at least regenerating health if you’re ever in trouble.


Attempt to move to the best possible position when you know the final couple of circles are closing in. Look for spots that’ll give you the high ground advantage or find an area which’ll give you a great opportunity to start flanking your enemies.

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Going prone

Given the fact you’ll be within close proximity of other players, you’ll want to make full use of crouching and going prone as this’ll make you much harder to detect – especially if you’re caught out in the open.

Remain calm

It goes without saying that you should try not to panic when you know the match is drawing to a close. We’ve found it’s best to forget that you’re in a tense situation and focus on executing a strategy. The more relaxed you are, the better your aim, awareness and decision making will be!

Get the right weapon setup

It goes without saying that you should do your best to have a balanced primary and secondary weapon set. Assault Rifles, SMGs and Snipers are your best bets for a excelling at a mixture of ranges.

That concludes the first edition of your late game guide, but we’ll be adding more tips and tricks over time. Stay tuned!

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