Season 4 end date revealed – Overwatch


When you can expect Season 4 of Overwatch to end.

While we’re still waiting for a precise date to be confirmed, it looks as though Season 4 of Overwatch will come to a close on either the 22nd or the 29th May 2017.

The news comes via a post by game director Jeff Kaplan on the official Overwatch forums, where he also announced that Season 5 would begin on June 1st.

For that reason, we’re going to put our money on the 22nd for the Season 4 finish. Blizzard likes to allow at least a week for the dust to settle between seasons, and so that any planned adjustments can be made without disrupting play.

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As soon as we have a properly firmed up end date, we’ll update this story. Until then, time to get your grinding done before things wrap up in the next week or two.

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