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Sombra Skycode emote pays tribute to long-running ARG – Overwatch


Blizzard rewards the community clue hunters with an ARG-inspired emote.

New hero Sombra hit the Overwatch PTR last night, and as you’d expect there are plenty of new skins and emotes to unlock for the character, even during this initial public testing phase.

One of the best of these new emotes is called Amused and pays tribute to the so-called Skycode section of the endless ARG hunt that teased the character for months ahead of her BlizzCon reveal last weekend. Take a look at it in action below.

The emote pays tribute to a community-conjured clue that started when a group hunting for Sombra information had the idea of investigating the skies of the Dorado map using visual clues from the Summer Games trailer.

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Sombra Hanzo Zarya Lucio
Soldier: 76 Torbjorn

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Anyway, while that effort ultimately proved fruitless, it’s very cool to see Blizzard make a nod to the community’s engagement with the ARG in this way. Fire it up in-game, and you can even hear the little tinkling tune that was extrapolated from the data as well.

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