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Summer Games start time 2017 : US, UK and Europe – Overwatch


The exact time you'll be able to start the new seasonal event, wherever you are in the world.

Our Summer Games start time page contains launch details for the US, UK, Europe and other global timezones.

UPDATE: The Summer Games 2017 event is now live in Overwatch. Things started later than expected (7pm UK / 8pm CEST), and so we’ll use this time for future events going forwards.

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the Summer Games event is returning to Overwatch on Tuesday 8th August. All of the event-exclusive skins from last year will be available once more – and can be purchased with Credits this time around – and there’ll be a fresh crop of cosmetic items to unlock as well.

We’ve got a summary of the whole event for you towards the bottom of this page (and you’ll find even more information over at our Summer Games guide hub), but when will the event go live?

Well, the last event marking Overwatch’s first Anniversary hit the servers at 8am PDT, and so we’ll assume that’s the same for the Summer Games 2017 as well. It’s possible it’ll be delayed this time around, and if we hear that’s the case we’ll update this article.

Here’s how that translates into timezones around the world:

Europe Americas Asia
4pm BST 8am PDT 11pm CST
5pm CEST 9am MDT 12am KST (August 9th)
6pm MSK 10am CDT 12am JST (August 9th)
11am EDT
1pm ADT
1pm BRT
11pm SGT
1am AEST (August 9th)
3am NZST (August 9th)


We know that last year’s skins are coming back for Summer Games 2017 – here’s a gallery of what was up for grabs the last time around.


Lucioball is coming back to Overwatch! If you weren’t around for last year’s Summer Games event, this was effectively the first Brawl to be released for the game. Two teams of three Lucios compete in a game of football – which all feels quite a bit like Rocket League – but what’s new this year?

First of all, Lucio’s Ultimate is being tweaked in this mode. You’ll no longer be able to sit in the goal-mouth and simply draw the ball into the goal using your Q. Instead, your Ultimate now gives you more speed and greater jumping height. It’ll also allow you to temporarily “boop” your opponents and the ball as well, something you were able to do freely last time around, but won’t be able to do in 2017.

There’s going to be a new arena for you to show off your skills in as well! The Estadio das Ras from last year is going to make its own, but there’s also going to be a second arena themed around Sydney, Australia. We don’t yet know whether this will just be a cosmetic pallette swap or if the tactics will change, but we’ll have you covered in our Lucioball guide when the event goes live.

Finally, you’ll be able to participate in a Lucioball tournament. It will run through all three of the weeks the event is live, and just completing your ten placement matches will ensure you receive the themed player spray. Crack the Top 500 though, and you’ll get an even shinier version of that spray.

If you want to know more about this side of the event, have a look at our comprehensive Lucio Ball guide. We’ll be updating it with new tips and strategies throughout the duration of the event.


Here’s all the other information we have about Overwatch’s Summer Games 2017 event:

– The event begins on Tuesday 8th August and ends on Tuesday 29th August.

– Last year’s skins will be available to purchase at a discounted price. Legendaries will cost just 1,000 Credits, but new skins will cost the regular rates. Expect to drop 3,000 of your hard-earned coins on the latest Legendary skins.

– Junkrat is getting a new Legendary skins, and Mercy will get one that game director Jeff Kaplan has described as one of his all-time favourites!

– If you like playing Widowmaker and McCree, you are apparently in for quite a treat. “Blown away” is how Jeff Kaplan described it in the Developer Update video that we posted further up this page.

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