Watch the best Tracer in the world’s journey to number one – Overwatch


He plays Overwatch a bit.

If there’s one character we struggle to play well it’s Tracer. Her ability to Blink around maps at lightning speed makes her a thrill to play, but rarely do we have an impact when we lock her in ourselves.

One person who doesn’t have this problem though is Effect, a professional Overwatch player for Team EnVyUs. He was ranked number one on the Korean servers as a Tracer main, and with Korean servers containing some of the most skilled players in the world, it’s safe to say he’s reached the very pinnacle of his art.

Here’s the tweet he posted just after he claimed the number one spot:

The video we’ve embedded below chronicles Effect’s progress from his early Tracer days to where he is now. It’s absolutely mesmerising to watch him in full flow, and the montage itself features some creative editing to highlight his journey.

Our Tracer guide is well worth checking out if you’re after some advice on how to start rattling the enemy team yourself!

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