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What are Weapon Blueprints in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?


How to unlock the fanciest kit.

Here’s our rundown on weapon blueprints and using the Armory in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer mode has a poorly-explained feature named the ‘Armory’. In it, you’ll find all manner of modded guns with varied stats and designs. It can be a bit confusing, with all this talk of blueprints and rarities, so we’ve put together a little explainer.

What are Weapon Blueprints?

When you navigate to the ‘weapons’ tab in Multiplayer, you’ll see a button for the Armory at the bottom. Click on it to see your current weapon blueprints. These are specially modded versions of existing weapons in the game with specially adjusted stats and attachments to give them a specific playstyle. For example, the Grassy Knoll version of the HDR is a more accurate but lower-range and mobility version of the weapon, encouraging a campy playstyle where you sit in the tall grass and wait for your foes to pop up. Of course, you can mod the weapon yourself, but the Blueprints in your Armory are a good starting point, especially if you’re looking to level a gun up and unlock more attachments for it.

There are numerous different rarities of these weapons, usually corresponding to how powerful the combination of attachments is. You can modify them yourself as well, provided you’ve unlocked the gun through normal levelling and progression. The M4A1’s blueprint, the ‘XRK M4’, is an extremely well-rounded weapon and one of the best choices if you’ve unlocked it, but if you fancy switching out the Stock in favour of a Perk to better compliment your playstyle, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Basically, the point of Blueprints are to give you cool options and ideas on how to mod your guns before you commit to levelling them yourself, which encourages unique builds from each player thanks to the huge range of attachments and usable kit in the game.

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How do I unlock Weapon Blueprints?

Some Blueprints are unlocked by purchase, such as with the Operator Edition of the game. Most, however, can be gained through your very own dedication. Scroll through to the Barracks tab and click ‘Multiplayer Challenges’. Go to the right for your Missions, and there you’ll be able to activate individual tasks.

Remember, you have to activate the mission you’re trying to complete. For example, for the Well Equipped mission pictured below, you’ll need to click on it in this menu, and subsequently complete all 8 tasks in order, beginning with 25 frag kills and ending with 25 thermite kills. Upon completion of this final part, you’ll receive the Judgment shotgun Blueprint and will then be able to use it in battle.

Remember, you can only have one mission active at once, so it’s worth choosing one and sticking with it until it’s done. If you do want to switch it out though, your progress is saved.

So there you have it – pick out a Blueprint you’re looking to unlock and give it a go – you might just find the perfect spec for you. We’ve got some more guides to help you our in your Modern Warfare journey, including ideas on loadouts for beginners as well as a tier list featuring the very best guns the game has to offer.

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