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Winter Wonderland Christmas Voice Lines – Overwatch


All of the new festive Voice Lines that have just gone live on the Overwatch servers.

There’s a lot of new Christmas content to start digesting in Overwatch tonight, and as part of the cosmetic offerings there are a fair few new Voice Lines to unlock or buy from the shop.

Once the dust has settled from the usual launch frenzy, we’ll be digging out voice clips of each one of these for you. For now though, we’ve simply reproduced the new content in boring old text format for you, a little further down the page!

Our most popular Winter Wonderland guides:

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland Voice Lines

Hero Voice Line Cost
Ana I’m Watching Out For You 75
Bastion Dwee Doo Hoo 75
Mei Aw, You Shouldn’t Have 75
Genji Merry Christmas! 75
Hanzo A Gift For You 75
Junkrat Merry Christmas! 75
Lucio Happy Holidays! 75
McCree Had To Break The Ice 75
Mei I Got You Something! 75
Mercy Your Guardian Angel 75
Pharah The Forecast 75
Reaper Holiday Spirit 75
Reinhardt You’re On My Naughty List 75
Roadhog Ho Ho Ho 75
Soldier: 76 Stay Frosty 75
Sombra I Know Who’s Been Naughty 75
Symmetra I Made You Something 75
Torbjorn Made To Order 75
Tracer It’s In The Bag 75
Widowmaker Exquisite 75
Winston I…Got You Something 75
Zarya For The Motherland 75
Zenyatta No Snowflake 75

There’s a huge quantity of tasty new cosmetic stuff to unlock in the new update. Let us know what you’re saving your cash up for in the comments!

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