Year of the Rooster Achievements and Trophies – Overwatch


The new special event Achievements that have just been added to the live game.

Overwatch’s latest Year of the Rooster update adds just two new Achievements or Trophies (depending on your preferred platform).

In the next day or so we’ll bring you a few helpful tips to help you tick these off the list before the event ends on Monday 13th February. Until then, here’s a quick look at the challenges you’re going to have to beat.

Year of the Rooster Achievements and Trophies

Name Description Reward Points
Flagbearer Win Capture the Rooster with as score of 3 to 0 ”Awakened Lion” Spray 15
Cleanup Duty Recover a flag in a game of Capture the Rooster ”Auspicious Lion” Spray 15

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Let us know how you’re getting on with these in the comments. Harder or easier than in other events? Got any useful tips for beating the latest lot? Sound off below.

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