Year of the Rooster Sprays – Overwatch


An early look at every new Spray that's coming to Overwatch in the Year of the Rooster patch.

If you’ve been on the site much today you’ll see we’ve been busy digging out every scrap of information to be had from the Year of the Rooster trailer that leaked a little earlier on today.

We’ve already covered the Year of the Rooster Skins, Highlight Intros, Victory Poses and Emotes, now it’s the turn of the many Sprays that are coming with the new update.

Again, we’ll stress that these images we’ve grabbed from the leaked trailer aren’t exactly the highest quality you’d choose, but we’ll replace all of these with shots from the game once the patch is live.

We’ve got loads more to share with you about the latest event, so take a tour around the homepage for an early look at all of the awesome stuff coming to Overwatch later on today!

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