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9 Advanced Soldier: 76 tips that will change the way you play – Overwatch


A few new tricks even veterans might not know.

Soldier:76 isn’t just a bog-standard shooter hero to help new Overwatch players get comfortable with the game. Although his kit might be simple and rather familiar stuff, its versatility makes him a deadly pick in just about any scenario.

A good Soldier:76 can carry a team with his steady damage output, self-healing, and an Ultimate that’s so strong it can eliminate an entire team in a matter of seconds. Although our existing Soldier: 76 guide contains a lot of basic information you should definitely check out, we’ve drawn together eight quick tips that’ll help you get even more out of his abilities, so you can start gunning down the opposition with ease.

  • Establishing control of the high ground early on is crucial. Doing so forces the enemy to deal with you one way or another and risk being punished for it by fragmenting the team. Left unmolested you’ll be doling out a stream of incredibly annoying damage from above, and that’s exactly what you should be focusing your efforts on.
  • Blasting a Helix Rocket at your feet and jumping at the point of impact will give you the extra oomph you need to scale ledges or reach balconies that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get up to. If you’re looking to learn the best rocket jump spots on a bunch of different maps, Youtuber Nexiom has a series of handy tutorials. Start with Hanamura below, and make sure you check out the rest when you get a chance.

More great Overwatch guides:

  • Whenever you find yourself being aggressed by a D.Va or Winston, be annoying and don’t give them the uneven fight they crave. Just sprint away, regroup with your team for added backup and then continue doling out damage. If they’re smart, they’ll move on to a new target, leaving you free to find someone else to bother. If they don’t, they’ll be easy pickings for you and your friends.
  • Place your Biotic Field on the payload to heal your teammates as it moves forwards. General awareness of your team’s healing needs and knowledge of your healer(s)’ positioning and activity can go a long way here. The heal of your Biotic Field isn’t huge, but it can be enough to make the difference when it comes to a tense push.
  • Soldier 76’s Ultimate ability is one of the most powerful in the game and can be enough to wipe out an entire enemy team if unleashed at the right time. This means positioning yourself wisely if you want to maximise its devastating potential. Gain the high ground (as we’ve mentioned above), or even better, flank around the opposition and hit them from their blind side.
  • Back to the height advantage. Looming over opponents from a height will not only give you a better view of the targets you wish to focus fire on, you’ll find it easier to retreat from and avoid any return fire that comes your way. Be aware of the angles of engagement, and what you need to do to keep poking at the enemy, while also staying alive.
  • Being sneaky and catching a team while they’re unaware will help you rapidly shred the fragile healers and damage dealers before they even know what’s hit them. Take the first point of King’s Row when you’re attacking as a prime example. Rather than throwing yourself into the first choke, sprint into the building and work your way around to the rear of the enemy team. This gives you the element of surprise, and if they turn to deal with you, it opens up an opportunity for your team.
  • When using Tactical Visor, don’t forget to fire off a Helix Rocket if the enemy is stationary or moving directly towards you. It’ll automatically aim at the target you’ve selected and only serves to increase your ability to burst down an enemy’s health bar. This may be a trick you already know, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t!
  • Many players fall into the trap of engaging enemies with Helix Rockets, or panicking and launching them into a tank that’s charging headlong for them. Make sure you save Soldier 76’s rockets for quickly finishing off squishy targets. A couple of swift taps from your Pulse Rifle to whittle down their health, followed by a right-click. Glorious insta-death.

Let us know if you’ve got any of your own tips or tricks down in the comments section below!

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