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Overwatch Switch release date, exclusive features, and bonuses


Here's everything you need to know about Overwatch on Switch.

Our Overwatch Switch guide contains everything you need to know about Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch port on the Nintendo Switch, including details on the Overwatch Switch release date, exclusive features, Switch prices, and bonus rewards.

Surprise, Overwatch is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch!

It’s a no-compromise, Legendary Edition of Blizzard’s hero shooter complete with all-new gyroscopic motion controls. This means you’ll be able to tilt your Switch and take control of things like Widow’s sniper scope or Wrecking Ball’s pathing. On top of this, you’ll get access to all the content that’s released so far, alongside a bunch of bonus skins, loot boxes and the like.

Below we’ll take you through everything that the Overwatch Switch version has to offer, including its release date, skin bonuses, maps, heroes and more.

If you know you’re going to jump into Overwatch on Switch the moment it launches, make sure you have a read through our Overwatch Tier List. It’ll give you a better idea of who’s hot and who’s not in the current meta!

What is the Overwatch Switch release date?

The Overwatch Switch release date is October 15th, 2019, as revealed during the September Nintendo Direct. That means the Switch version of the game is releasing just over a month after it was announced.

How much does Overwatch Switch cost?

Overwatch on Switch is currently available to pre-purchase in a boxed version (containing a code to download the game) and a digital version via the Nintendo eShop. The boxed version of Overwatch Switch costs £35.99/$39.99, while the eShop version of the game also costs the same at £35.99/$39.99.

What does the Overwatch Switch version include?

Being the Legendary Edition of Overwatch, the Switch version of the game includes more content than the original release on other platforms. Here’s everything the Overwatch Switch version includes:

Pre-order bonus

Pre-purchase Overwatch Switch and you’ll receive an exclusive Widowmaker Noire Skin which you can see below. It’s worth noting, that this is only available to those who pre-order the game.

– Purchase and login bonus –

Purchase Overwatch on Switch and login to the game by December 31st, 2019 and you’ll unlock a Golden Loot Box with at least one guaranteed Legendary item.

– Legendary Edition content and free skins –

Overwatch on Switch isn’t just a base version of the game, but a Legendary Edition. This means you’ll gain access to all of the content released so far (31 heroes, 28 maps), and get 15 free skins (5 Legendary, 5 Epic and 5 Origin) to equip right away.

It will also continue to be updated with new content, including the game’s limited-time seasonal modes, patches, and more.

Here’s a quick look at all the skins you’ll receive:




– Free 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online –

Finally, those who purchase Overwatch on Switch will also receive 3 months of Nintendo Switch Online for free.

Is there any difference between Overwatch Switch and other versions?

In terms of content, Overwatch Switch contains everything that the PC and console versions have. While it won’t run as lightning fast as the PC version, or quite as smoothly as on console, you’ll still get the same Overwatch experience – but on a much more portable scale!

Overwatch Switch is also the Legendary Edition of the game, which means you’ll receive plenty of bonuses which we’ve listed above and every single piece of content that’s been released. It will also continue to be updated with new patches, heroes, maps and more as time goes by.

The key difference between the Overwatch Switch version and its PC/Console counterparts is its motion control support. You’ll be able to tilt your Switch to control Widowmaker’s scope, Mcree’s Deadeye, pilot D.Va, control Wrecking Ball’s pathing and even deflect incoming projectiles as Genji.

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Is there crossplay between Overwatch Switch and other platforms?

Overwatch Switch will not feature crossplay, or cross platform saves on release. In a statement sent to Engadget, Blizzard explains where it currently stands with Overwatch Switch crossplay:

”We’ve seen how compelling cross-system play can be for our community, and we’re excited about the potential. There’s still a lot of work to do on both our side and the platforms’ side to determine whether this is something that makes sense for Overwatch, and we’re keeping an eye on how cross-play systems and technology develop.”

It certainly doesn’t sound like Blizzard has ruled out crossplay on Overwatch Switch, but we could be waiting a while for it to happen. So, in the meantime, you won’t be able to access all of your progress on PS4, Xbox One or PC on your Switch.

Does Overwatch Switch contain any exclusive Nintendo-themed skins?

Overwatch Switch does not contain any Nintendo-themed skins. You will get 15 free skins which we’ve listed in the sections above, but none of them are Nintendo-themed.

This doesn’t, however, rule out the possibility of Nintendo-themed Overwatch skins arriving on the Switch version in future. We’d love to see Torbjorn dressed as Mario!

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