AVANGAR bounce back from Major defeat to win BLAST Pro Series Moscow


Infer-no fear.

After their loss against Astralis last week in the StarLadder Berlin Major, AVANGAR turned their fortunes around to bring home victory in a hard-fought BLAST Pro Series Moscow.

The Kazakh team took home the $125,000 grand prize by defeating forZe, with both teams having qualified via the CIS Play-In after Team Vitality pulled out.

Below you can find the full VOD of the final day of the competition. The grand final begins 6 hours 40 minutes into the broadcast if you don’t want to miss a thing.

The final was a tense, lengthy affair. Half time came with AVANGAR slightly ahead at 8-7, but a strong counter-terrorist showing from them led to a solid 16-13 overall victory.

Map 2, Inferno, was a dominant showing from forZe, however, ending their first half 10-5 up, leaving the second half as a formality. AVANGAR weren’t going down easily though, and confidently brushed aside forZe 16-6 on the decider, Dust II. A combination of well-thought-out tactics and clutch performances from individual players, including buster and Jame, led to AVANGAR’s 2-1 victory, showing the world that they’re able to get back on track after a heartbreaking loss.

All eyes now are on the Copenhagen chapter of the BLAST Pro Series, beginning on 2nd November 2019, the final event before the Global Final in Bahrain.

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