Next year’s $4.25 Million BLAST Premier to pull out all the stops


More money than the Major.

The BLAST Pro Series Moscow has closed, and after AVANGAR’s victory the tournament organisers have announced something completely new.

BLAST Premier is the big-money plan for the tournament in 2020, offering teams multiple ways to gain qualification to the final stages. The top 6 teams in a 12-team stage will automatically make it, whilst the remaining squads, along with 4 extras, will battle it out for the last two spots. There will be a spring and fall version of this event, both with an initial stage and Showdown stage to get those last couple of qualifiers.

The big draw for BLAST Premier, however, is the prize pool. In total, US$4.25 million is on offer, spread across the various stages. The winning team of the Global Final will make $1 million for themselves, more than is offered to winners of Valve-sponsored majors.

Teams are yet to be announced, and you can sign up for email updates on the BLAST Premier site.

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