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Battle Royale Classes – Call of Duty: Mobile BR Guide


Which one will you choose?

We’ve put together a guide on all the classes available in Call of Duty: Mobile’s new Battle Royale game mode.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale has a bunch of unique aspects to it that we don’t see in the most popular Battle Royale games on the market. From Blackout’s Zombies to in-arena boss battles, you’ll be hit with a whole load of stuff you’ve not seen before.

Unique to COD: Mobile however is the class system. You can pick one of six classes at the start of your match, each with different special abilities and passives that can help you on your way to victory.

What classes are in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale?

Here, we’ve put together a roundup on each of the game mode’s classes, as well as a few tips on how to make the best possible use of their unique abilities.


A fantastic class to start with, the Scout has some strong abilities that will help you carry your team (or self) to a win.

The Scout’s Sensor Dart is essentially a mini-UAV, in that it shows enemy locations on the map for a few seconds. On deployment, it also shows the exact location of nearby enemies, in a similar way to Bloodhound’s Tactical Ability from Apex Legends.

Extremely useful at all points of the game, this ability comes into its own when the circle is small and your enemies are hunkered down in buildings. The radius affected by Sensor Dart can expose the foe’s location, and you can hunt them down for the kill. One important thing to remember is that the location exposed will be the exact spot the enemy is at a single point in time, so once you’ve reached them they won’t be precisely there anymore.

It’s a good way to get the general gist of their location though, and by looking at the shape of their character model you’ll be able to deduce where they might be running to. This ability recharges in just over a minute too, so don’t worry about sending it out when you’ve got a suspicion of a foe around the corner.

Your passive ability as the Scout is Tracker, which shows enemy footprints on the ground for several seconds. This is another great ability that’ll help you keep track of foes when they’re trying to make an escape. We’ve put a screenshot below of what to look for with the Tracker ability (along with the unfortunate corpse of our victim). Keep an eye out for enemy footprints and the direction they look like they’re heading to gain the upper hand in your engagement.


A zombie-focused class, the Clown is a more useful pick than you might think. Combining offence and recon, using this class correctly just takes a bit of ingenuity.

As a Clown, you’ll have access to the ability Toy Bomb, which summons zombies to attack players nearby. You can scupper the plans of enemies engaging in a team fight, or use the zombies to splash enemies with some extra damage. The three zombies you summon through the Toy Bomb don’t actually attack you, and they serve as a great distraction for enemies. The bomb explodes after about 15 seconds, but if the zombies aren’t next to it at that time they don’t get killed off and can survive for much longer.

The real power of the Toy Bomb is its reconnaissance potential. Zombies can smell blood and fear, apparently, and charge at enemies in what seems like a large vicinity. If you spot your zombies making a beeline for a nearby building, tail behind them and keep an eye on where their bullets are coming from. The enemy will be distracted and you’ll know exactly where to go to take them down.

The Clown’s passive ability is Anti-zombie. It reduces zombies’ awareness distance to 15 metres, meaning you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to fighting. This counters enemy Clowns too, as their Toy Bomb zombies won’t be able to spot you quite as easily.


The Medic does what it says on the tin. A great option in squad play, this class’ utility drops the fewer people are fighting alongside you.

Medical Station is pretty simple. Plop it down and you’ll start healing, as will your teammates within its radius. Your heal speed isn’t horrendous, and the ability is helpful when you’re trying to heal yourself and return fire at the same time, especially in the late-game. In solos you’re less likely to find this ability useful, though. Healing items aren’t too hard to come by, and in a final two situation other classes’ abilities will be more useful to you.

You’ll get a solid 10 seconds of healing though, with a cooldown of 1 minute, so run-and-gunners might enjoy saving inventory space for more ammunition or grenades.

The Medic’s passive ability is imaginatively named ‘Medic’. It reduces the time it takes you to bring back teammates, as well as self-healing, by 25%. Again, this is an ability that comes into its own when you’re playing with a squad of friends who keep rushing headfirst into the thick of battle. You’ll be able to revive them far more swiftly thanks to your passive, and patch up your own wounds while you’re at it. Even so, for a beginner we’d recommend holding off on the Medic until you’ve got a squad together.


The Ninja is a tough class to use, and in many situations you might wish you had more proactive abilities. That’s not to say it’s a useless class though, and you might just be saved by the class without even realising it.

Grapple Hook is the active ability of the Ninja. Press the button in the upper-right to send out a hook that’ll pull you towards the target location. We found this most useful as a standard traversal option, but in a pinch you can move unpredictably during an intense firefight, confusing your enemy. It’s not quite as versatile as Pathfinder’s grappling hook from Apex Legends, but you’ll be able to get to places you otherwise wouldn’t have without this ability. In particular, sniping from rooftops works very nicely, so give this a try if you find the right kit.

Upgrading the grapple hook gives you an extra use of the ability – usually only 2 charges can be kept at a time, but with a chip terminal upgrade you’ll have 3.

This class comes into its own with Dead Silence, a passive ability which stops enemies from hearing your footsteps. This bonus can’t be overstated given how COD: Mobile’s Battle Royale works. You may have already noticed the footprint icons that show up on your minimap when foes are moving around nearby, and you’ve probably already secured yourself a few kills from this. Well, with Dead Silence, the range at which enemies can hear you is reduced. Dead Silence has probably already saved you countless times in all honesty – it’s impossible to be sure.


The Transform Shield and Reinforced abilities make the Defender a solid team choice. When you’re traversing the map and get jumped, cover is vital and the Transform Shield offers this very swiftly. Unfortunately, it’s lit up like a christmas tree, but when you use it, you’ve probably already been caught cold.

Use this ability wisely and 1v1 encounters will become far easier to deal with. The shield lasts for a decent amount of time, and charges back up for another use in a measly 30 seconds, so you should have a protective option at all times. The shield changes size depending on the space available, so be careful if you try to set it up in a cramped space. You’ll also be able to see the placement of the shield before you use it, so just double check.

The Defender’s other ability, Reinforced, allows the class to 20% less damage from non gunfire sources. Unfortunately, compared to the other abilities you’ll see, this one isn’t that useful in most situations. Unless you’re hunkered down and getting grenaded by enemies, you’re unlikely to gain a great deal from Reinforced, but if you find yourself getting good with the Transform Shield, it might be worth using the class anyway. And hey, if you get cornered by zombies, you’ll be able to hang around for a bit longer.


The Mechanic’s tech is an offensive tool, giving you passive and active abilities that’ll scupper many enemies’ plans and powers.

The EMP Drone is a solid option for when the battle gets more intense. In squad matches you’ll find more success, since during engagements between your team and several others, far more enemies will be within the EMP’s radius. It disables enemy tech, like the Transform Shield and Sensor Dart, but is easy for enemies to shoot down if you don’t place it strategically. In a similar manner to other classes’ abilities though, the EMP Drone can be used to pinpoint enemy locations, as long as they’re close by. Keep an eye out for when the drone stops following you and whizzes towards a location, there’s a chance it’s trying to shut down a baddie’s kit.

Your passive ability, Engineer, gives you an altered level of vision. You can see where vehicles, traps and equipment are located up to 80 metres. Even through walls, you’ll be able to navigate. During team play, this can be vital. A whole squad trying to escape the closing ring can be helped massively by a teammate easily being able to locate a chopper to fly away in. Spotting enemy tech, like a Trophy System, can be enormously helpful to your squad too, as you can relay the information at a moment’s notice and ensure your foes don’t get the jump on you.

That’s all for our guide on the Battle Royale classes. If you’re after any more information or guides, we’ve got all sorts of helpful tips accessible from our COD: Mobile Guide Hub.

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