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Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations – How to get Killstreaks and Field Upgrades


They're the bomb.

Killstreaks and other upgrades can be purchased in Call of Duty: Warzone from Buy Stations. Here’s everything you can acquire with your Cash and how to do so.

Pop over to Buy Station in Warzone and you can purchase a plethora of upgrades like Loadout Drops, Armour Bundles, UAVs and more. These can totally swing things in your favour or grant you the protection to survive a little longer.

Below we’ll break down all the Buy Station prices, as well as how to earn cash so you can spend it on getting those all important goodies.

Call of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations

UPDATE: Fire Sales

In Season 4, Fire Sales were added as random events during matches. This makes everything but Loadout Drops massively discounted and sometimes free goods. Keep an eye out for when Fire Sales happen, as they’ll reduce everything from UAVs to buy-backs to an affordable level regardless of your money supply. Fire Sales will even make buying back your allies completely free, so be sure to take advantage and be careful around Buy Stations.

Where can you find Buy Stations?

Buy Stations are dotted all over Warzone’s map. They’re marked as little shopping carts and can be pinged to help you locate them a little easier.

In terms of appearance, Buy Stations look remarkably similar to normal loot crates, but expand outwards with extra gusto. They’ve also got a green glow and a constant hum, which is nice.

Buy Stations are often located in hotspots and dangerous, open areas, so make sure you’re totally in the clear before committing to a purchase. If you’re playing with a friend or two, make sure they’ve got your back as enemy team’s love lying in wait for potential buyers.

How do you get cash to buy upgrades?

To get cash, you’ll need to eliminate enemy players, complete contracts, and open chests.

Eliminate enemy players and they’ll drop any cash they collected. As you progress further into a match, often enemies will drop more.

Complete Contracts scattered around the map and you’ll get a lovely cash injection. We’d highly recommend taking on the Scavenger Contracts (marked with a magnifying glass symbol) as these generate by far the most cash. Plus, they’re pretty simple. You just need to move from location to location opening marked crates, netting you both loot and cash at the same time – perfect for an early game head start.

Finally, you’ll just want to get looting as much as possible. Crack open crates and sweep up all the cash they drop. Before you know it, you’ll be rolling in green.

What can you get from Buy Stations?

For your convenience, here’s a look at all the things you can purchase from Buy Stations in Warzone, their prices, as well as a couple tips to help you use them best.

  • Armour Plate Bundle – $1500 – You’ll get five Armour plates to replace your broken Armour. This lets you get your health back when you need to – we’ve put together a page breaking down the basics of Armour Plates in Warzone.
  • Shield Turret – $2000 – The killstreak from Modern Warfare’s multiplayer modes, the Shield Turret deals chunks of damage per shot whilst protecting you from fire from the front – great for when you need to hunker down and hold a fort.
  • Cluster Strike – $3000 – Cluster Strikes can shut down an area from enemy advancement for an extended period of time, forcing enemies to avoid the space. You’ll often want to use this at the end of the game, since in small, enclosed spaces you could finish off your enemies.
  • Gas Mask – $3000 – The Gas Mask lets you stay alive in the gas cloud for longer. This is great for getting away from enemies and sneaking around for flanks, but it doesn’t last forever so be careful.
  • Precision Airstrike – $3500 – The Precision Airstrike kills quicker than the Cluster Strike, but doesn’t close off zones quite as well. This is another killstreak that’s best used towards the end of a game.
  • UAV – $4000 – The UAV is a pricey one, because of the power it holds with locating enemies. It’s hugely important to get intel on your opponents’ locations, and you can use it offensively to hunt down foes or defensively to avoid attackers. It’s great at the end of games, because you’ll want to be able to spot opposing teams.
  • Self-Revive Kit – $4500 – Much like the Golden Knockdown Shield in Apex Legends, the Self-Revive Kit lets you get back up from being downed over a period of time. You’ll have to get out of the way of your opponents though – you’re super vulnerable in this state.
  • Squadmate Buyback – $4500 – When your friend falls in battle, you’ll want to get them back on their feet as quickly as possible. It’ll cost you $4500 per teammate, but if they die in the Gulag, it’s often your only option.
  • Munitions Box – $5000 – Got unlucky with weapon drops? Not found the gun of your choice? The Munitions Box will give you some decent kit, especially helpful when your teammate has just been revived from the Gulag.
  • Loadout Drop Marker – $10,000 – The most expensive item you can get, the Loadout Drop Marker gives you an entire loadout of your choice, premade before the game. If you’re fully decked out with Armour Plates and teammates, it’s well worth picking this one up, as getting perks like Ghost could really swing the game massively.

More Call of Duty: Warzone guides

Keep in mind you can only hold one killstreak and Field Upgrade per player, so don’t expect to lug around a UAV and Precision Airstrike at the same time, unless you divvy them up between squadmates.

You can do this by dropping money for friends – press the down arrow on the D-pad and scroll across with the right stick. You can decide whether to ‘drop all’ or ‘drop stack’ – and you can do this with guns and ammo too.

That’s everything you need to know about Buy Stations in Call of Duty Warzone – check out more of our guides, including a bit more information on Warzone’s available vehicles, and how to crossplay with friends.

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